A Different Model for Comskip


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Which post are you replying to given your quotation marks - I never said “Comskip you” to anyone?



They went with one model. I believe Tivo (see other posts in this thread regarding this) is using a different model (legal). So its a question of choice. I don’t think the one Nuvyyo chose is good from a data processing angle (I’m not criticizing their algorithms). Though at this point my Tablo Ripper + MCEBuddy + Comskip + Avidemux is yielding about 50% better results locally - that is a substantial difference without all of the overhead. Since I have all this software (paid versions) and run them nightly every day I’m able to compare performance side by side. Thus far it’s not a contest… So the suggestion is change the model to incorporate good data processed once.


Any Bolt users that can confirm if they need to actively push up their videos for commercial processing? Can one infer from what a Bolt user does or does not do to confirm Tivo’s ad processing model and stages?


Tough to tell. My Bolts are in boxes right now, but basic similarities are that the recording must be complete and the skip ability was not immediate. I never really checked network logs to see how and when they were communicating with the mothership. :slight_smile:
One difference was that the user had to hit “D” button on remote to skip (after processing was complete). Otherwise you just watched commercials. It wasn’t automatic.


Straight from The Source:


"How it works

A dedicated team of TV-enthusiasts watches popular shows as they air and note where programming resumes after commercial breaks. This information is applied to the programs by the TiVo service as soon as it is available."

In other words the processing is done at Tivo’s offices independently of any user.

This from Tivo also confirms the other sources such as Quora. TechCrunch also mentions this.


Did any of your videos have to be uploaded?


Not that I’m aware of. That doesn’t necessarily mean it didn’t happen. I can tell you that commercial skip was not available on a LOT of channels… “popular shows” sounds accurate.


From what we understand, TiVo employs real live people to watch prime time content on the 4 major networks and then marks the commercial start/stop times by hand.

How they deliver that info back to the field, I’m not sure.


My quote above from Tivo itself confirms that ad processing is done without any user requests at the Tivo Office at the time a program is running nationally. Thereafter the TIVO comskip edits are downloaded for only those shows.


Independently of any user requests or uploads.


Now that’s a reliable source, wasn’t too hard.


I believe it comes back in the guide data update. I know it’s not available usually until the next day. So if we record The Voice on Monday night but we’re out at Brew Crew and watch it Tuesday, commercial skip was available.


Confirmed by even Tablo! No, it wasn’t hard - too bad you were wrong slandering me…


I never claimed to know how it worked, I just said your source wasn’t reliable… reading comprehension.


“reading comprehension”? Yours? Why don’t you just quit and walk away as Tablo suggested??? I came back with the facts.


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