A Different Model for Comskip


No, that is done locally.

Commercial skip is done on Tablo servers, which is why data has to be uploaded and downloaded.


…except for manual recordings…

It keeps coming back to how this was done 20 years ago, and is still being done by decently set up WMC rigs, and why did the world go away from that so hard.

Tablo: not on manual recordings, and requires processing of the show which takes up a tuner AND THEN uploading the processing results to the cloud
Tivo: pretty much just prime time major network stuff


No, they’re not.

It requires some sort of intelligence to guess at the commercial breaks and the return to program, handled by looking at the actual video stream.


oh, my.

No, it does not.

It doesn’t even take post-record processing to delineate the commercials. One can do it in real time during recording.

It doesn’t even take advanced hardware to delineate the commercials in real time.

But for some reason, the world is under mass hypnosis that what was readily available on the open market 20 years ago somehow never happened, and to suggest otherwise is lunacy.


I am grateful how, point by point you blatantly explain how wrong everyone else always is with critical criticism. Somebody needs to get through to them, someday you may succeed.


Yes… yes, they are.
Look up SCTE-104 and SCTE-35.
You’re welcome.


Sure,Thanks. But where’s any info about OTA broadcast?

I found some info suggesting SCTE-104 used over networks and OTT devices involving data streams.
SCTE-35 has been in use for some time by cable and network provider to signal local broadcasters (not for national commercial breaks). It has uses in VOD systems


I think this is a very interesting thread.

TiVo employs live people to watch TV and mark the shows; creating necessary metadata
Your local TiVo does no upload any data
TiVo pushes metadata to your device ~5 minutes after a show completes on where markers are within recording
User can hit skip button

I do not believe TiVo employs people all across the country. Even though local networks can insert their own commercials they are bound to the timing of the parent network broadcast.

That said, Tablo could locally record their own shows for metadata. They can use their servers to process commercials as they see fit to build the data needed to generate markers. Those markers metadata can then be pushed to all Tablo devices that have a completed recording. I think this is very possible…


Unfortunately that will only work for prime time major network shows. Tablo’s current method will work on nearly all recordings other than those they have excluded from processing.

I personally only use commercial skip on prime time network shows, but many other users prefer to have all of their recordings processed to enable commercial skip. TiVo’s method cannot skip commercials in any program that is not during prime time on a major network.


So how does that work for network broadcasts of regional sports?


Why not offer a little bit of both? For those of us who only care about primetime it would be a tremendous game changer. For those recording Home Improvement on MeTV, it will be hit or miss but still better like they have today.


Works for me… Gotta say I was very skeptical since I have just 3 meg upload on my DSL line, but it has been working quite nicely for us. Not flawless of course, and those nights we have busy recording schedules where we don’t even get thumbnails seem to be the worst, but that is to be expected.

Mark me a happy customer…


It seems to do surprisingly well processing the major network programing.

But when you wander off into the retro networks it can have some problems with: Commercial Skip detection failed.

I can only assume that the data set for these shows isn’t big enough and/or the ML algorithms need some additional training.