A connection to the Tablo servers could not be established


How frustrating! Spent the past hour trying to figure out what was wrong with my connection. Android tablet working fine, Apple TV and iPhone working but couldn’t get my browsers functioning and its the only hard wire connection I have. Nearly went the factory reset to get things working, but glad I found this thread before I did…


Still having problems with browser.


It’s back up


My non-working connection is FINALLY working .


Not for me!


Seems to be working now. How about a mode that doesn’t require
a server to work.


My browser is working again.


Finally working. That was no fun at all.


Hello all - sorry again for the wait. We’ve been working hard to get everything up and running this morning. After tons of sanity testing, everything looks stable and we’ll be monitoring it very closely for the next little while.

Preventing outages on Tablo when Tablo servers are down

That;s fine, but when will you tell us what happened and what steps you put in place to prevent outages like this from happening again?


Some time this pm my 4 tuner TABLO lost all show and scheduling data. For me it is only TV but the wife is less than happy as the Olympics are on… Lucky she can watch it live because we got a splitter.

Tried to rescan the channels and get the guide up and running a couple of times but shows up empty. No recording icons show up either.

Going to do a reboot during the commercial break so as not to block the screen.


tablotv service has been down most of today. Down right now. Unfortunately, their web app isn’t going to work while it’s down. My Roku seems to be ok.


Completely down for me again. I really had high hopes for this product. Even when it does work it locks up or shuts down and now it started not working at all. This went from a long term product to short term until some cheap streaming service picks up local channels.


Back up and all seems like I left it.

I unplugged it, rescanned the channels, light still flashing, unplugged again and rescanned. Eventually disconnected, rescanned and synced and it came back to life.

Don’t understand what your saying. Are u saying that TABLO, the company, is part of what goes on in my TV viewing on a daily basis?


Certain operations (style of app) require that my.tablotv.com be “up” and responding correctly. One of those is the browser web app. my.tablotv.com has been down most of the day today.

I can watch Tablo on my Roku, but cannot connect to my Tablos using the web browser.


You might consider contacting Tablo Support if you are having other issues. As far as this specific issue, in our 1.5 years using a Tablo I don’t recall this ever being an issue before so it’s a rare thing.


Something happened this evening that forced me to disconnect and reconnect & Sync just like it happened yesterday. This was described in the now locked topic “Tablo went down today”

I would have added it to the topic I started yesterday but some TABLO guys locked the topic and I can’t continue there. What is up with that?


It just got merged into the open discussion. You can comment there…

If you are still having issues submit an official ticket.


Hello everyone - In case you missed it, @TabloCEO has posted details regarding this outage and our response in another thread: