A connection to the Tablo servers could not be established


Didn’t say there wasn’t something wrong. Just not ready to have them die because of it, you know?


ok, i get that! don’t have to put them out of business, just a really hard reminder that all of us tablo members have spent hard earned money in our quest to dump cable, directv, etc. and I think they are REALLY lackadaisical when it comes to appreciating our business!


I fear a class action lawsuit would likely put an end to the Tablo though. Got give those scrappy Canadians a break.


LOL! well, yes they are our allies! well, have to hang it up for the night! I doubt anyone would take me up on my suggestion, anyway!


The upstream servers at http://my.tablotv.com/ are just a little poorly, it only causes issues for new clients trying to connect (it’s causing me a little churn also while testing a plugin for Plex right now) Only web based clients have issues. Not sure it is quite time to drop the :hammer: just yet captain @tablo21g :smile:


down for me 10pm mountain time. well it was an important use case for which I planned weeks in advance… can’t watch recorded olympics remotely…


I should have come here first… I already went through hard reset thinking it was only my unit… only saving grace is I offloaded all the Olympics prior to this evening… as well as most other recordings… but I will still have to redo all my scheduled recordings when things come back up.


Ah, yes of course - off site viewing will be broken because of this. I hear you, the best part is you have it recorded @Dlleno so with luck it will still be there. Strange to see - the front ends are resolving and delivering javascript, but we all know there’s nothing happening after that, and the js is way too complicated for me to look at right now :slight_smile:

[MacMini]$ curl --silent my.tablotv.com | grep apis
  <script src="\$WEBAPIS/webapis/webapis.js"></script>

Tablo lightweight standalone web client, faster start, faster channel change

It’s WAMP, so you can’t really describe the complexity. But in general, that’s the “app” that speaks directly to your Tablo device. Not saying their javascript isn’t messed up, it’s a possibility.

Since WAMP probably means something else to most… I linked it.


I’m down again. :frowning:



Now we know. We’re hostages to Tablo’s whim/

If they take their marbles and go home, or if someone takes their marbles for them, we can’t play.

I’m in for now, but I guess when I have to make an ATSC 3.0 tuner decision, I’m going to remember this experience.


Thanks @cjcox, appreciate the explanation. I think @Bardel has it pretty much for those that can’t see it above :wink:


Hmmm… maybe Nuvyyo cut the cord…


I suppose we have to wait until tomorrow… ooops, it is tomorrow :slight_smile:


DOWN - including api.tablotv.com direct
midnight MST

UP - 0930 MST Feb 12, 2018


Same here, Amazon TV and Amazon tablets failing to connect tonight PST, was working fine 3pm PST


Glad I found this thread - have had same issue with Tablo via my web browser all night and thought something was wrong with my Tablo or router. Tablo works fine on my other devices. Also, remote access stopped working completely (keeps saying I have to manually configure my router and even when I try to, still a no go), so wondering if it’s also related.


It appears the authentication servers are down again (5am EST). My windows PCs and Android devices are reporting “No Connection can be established”, and displaying the new user splash screen.

Roku boxes are working OK, though.


It appears the brief outage is no longer brief. Woke up this morning with no connection to the Tablo Servers.