4th Gen on LG & Sammy smart TV

I have a 4 Tuner Tablo connected via WiFi on 3 Chromecast 4K units hooked to smart TVs Samsung and LG. They all work, but not perfectly and sometimes require reboot, etc.
My question: The TVs have the TABLO APP installed but when I try to activate them I can’t get past the Setup screen. Rescan is non responsive. Does anyone have the installed App working on Samsung or LG TVs?

I have the Samsung app for the 4th gen. It came out this week(or last). It sorta works but is glitchy. It is slow, hangs up but does display. For some reason the Samsung app found my Tablo when I installed it but it can not switch to the new one I added. I would try reinstalling it(that tends to unfreeze it) but frankly the app needs some patches.

Thanks for the reply. I may try the reinstall route, but I think I will stay with the Chromecast 4K units for a while and see how things work out with Samsung and LG firmware fixes

A few questions…

Do you have the 4th generation apps downloaded on your LG and Samsung or are you trying to use a legacy Tablo app?

I assume by the fact that you have things working on the Chromecasts that you’ve completed initial setup of your Tablo using a smartphone or tablet?

Are the smart TVs on the same home network as the Tablo?

As we noted here, this is a known issue and will be corrected in the next update.

This is the reading from the Samsung TV : Tablo updated 5/27 2024 latest version 1.3.0 installed

Tablo was set up using an iPhone and the Tablo is on the same Wi-Fi network as all the televisions.

Is your app the white one or the blue one? You need the blue one to access your 4th gen puck.

Wow, I was just checking the color of the logo, which was dark blue and I decided to try it again lo and behold it works now.
It is working on my Samsung S90 now. I will check my other Samsung as well as LG later today.

Tablo is up and running on all three of my TVs, which consist of two Samsung and one LG smart television.
I have no idea what changed as all are on the same Wi-Fi network and the TVs are set to do automatic updates, etc.
Thanks to all that replied to my original post.

On LG, how do you exit the app? The only way I can exit it is to return to the LG home screen. When I use the firestick I keep hitting back until it asks if I want to exit. Back do not seem to work in the LG app.

Same here, I just checked the LG again and it will not let me back out. I have to hit the home button to leave the Tablo app which is what I apparently have been doing since I got it to work.

If you find a way, let me know. I couldn’t back out of a recording. I tried fast-forwarding to the end – which should have brought me to the show’s options – and got this instead:

Hitting home and then opening Tablo brought me back to the same screen – I had to set the TV to power off (vs sleep) and then turn it back on to gain control of the app.

It’s a really good start, though, and I look forward to the few things they need to fix to make this completely useable. Loving the show info when you click on an episode. I hope this gets added to the other apps soon!

How are they missing things like this in their testing? This seems kind of basic to me. Also, I am really waiting for the Apple TV app that has been in beta for 4 months. How many problems is that going to have when released? They don’t seem to accomplish much in their beta tests…

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I dont think the LG/Sammys were in Beta testing. Just my speculation.

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You could sign up for the AppleTV testing. It’s not a bad product. They seem to be holding off until they’ve got a couple more kinks worked out.

As for the LG app, I’m sure it was rushed so that people were able to at least get their hands on it. Many ppl don’t like to use an STB and have been holding out for a TV app.

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Both Samsung and LG do not offer beta testing.

They also have VERY lengthy submission and approval processes.

For this reason, we submitted an early build to kickstart that timeline.

Both apps will be updated within the coming weeks with all of the fixes we’ve been working on over the last few months.

You can read more about that in the official threads here:

And here:

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Thank you for your response. So no beta under those conditions. Still didn’t you at least exit the app when you created to see how that worked. Were you unable to do any in house testing prior to submission and release? Or was it only coded and then sent in without an alpha test?

I am not trying to push you. I am just looking to understand the testing process. I am primarily using it on my Iphone and Fire stick until you release it for Apple tv. I have it on my Sony and it allows exiting via the back button as does the Fire Stick. I also have an LG C3 and tried the app today and was really surprised that the only way out was the home screen button. It concerns me because if I am watching live TV and exit that way I don’t know if the Tablo is left in a continuous streaming mode. Maybe it isn’t. A lot of apps don’t have an exit option but those at least stop whatever their doing. Does Tablo stop or does it continuously keep streaming in the background?