4th gen AppleTV beta?

Looks Like Desita was right. I see where they are Officially looking for Apple TV beta tester. Hope this goes smoothly and the App shows up in the Apple App store soon.

Beta programming showing up let’s us know they’ve got the biggest hurdle solved (MPEG-2)… hopefully, the rest is a lot easier!

You might want to delete this and repost it in the GREEN AppleTV beta section.

Liking the service so far I’m really hoping to be able to test the app out to make it more convenient to use. Currently cancelled my prior service and only have Apple TV’s and lg smart tv’s.

Just registered hoping to participate in the Apple TV App Beta testing program. We are an entirely Apple household with two Mac Minis, two iPads, two iPhones, and two Apple Watches.

I still have a couple of legacy Tablo TVs but their network connection has always been troublesome so I got the new 4th Gen hoping the hardware would be more reliable. So far I find the tuner better and the network connection better when using my iPhone and iPad. I am looking forward to helping to helping with beta testing the Apple TV App for the 4th Generation Tablo.

Are we any closer. I may have to return this tablo until it works with apple tv?

Indeed. I have been trying to use AirPlay as a substitute, however AirPlay is incredibly inconsistent in the iOS app.

We’re in the home stretch.

If you’d like to get in on the final bit of beta testing you can apply here:

Has anyone on here received the Beta app?

Yes. Many of us are using it daily.

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I just got mine today. So far has work great. Glad I sign up for

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