4th gen AppleTV beta?

What is the real timeline for the Apple TV app for the 4th gen Tablo? I see a fairly strong marketing campaign all over TV and social media. I would expect that with 25 million apple TV’s out there many people are vested in the Apple Ecosystem and use Apple TV. For me without AppleTV support the product is of limited value. My entire home is automated with HomeKit making difficult to bring myself to buy yet another Android device just to be able to leverage my Tablo!

When is AppleTV slated? Is there a Beta? I applied
To join the beta program and hope to hear something soon!


I would not hold your breath, been waiting I think months since the 2 tuner white Tablo came out. Very disappointed to find out no AppleTV app at all, should not have even been released without one let alone go all this time without one. I had to hookup an FireTV Cube which I only really use for this.

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As a former iPhone/iPad develooer I’m beginning to think there is some licensing issue or something else outside just finishing the Apple TV app. IOS, iPadOS, and tvOS use common code for almost everything except user interface. There’s no reason that I know of that would explain how they could produce a solid iPad app but be stuck on the Apple TV app.

Come on Tablo, give us an honest update on the status of the Apple TV app!


I have a work around that although not ideal is working pretty well. I am screen mirroring from my iPad to my AppleTV, I was surprised how well it works. Previously I tried the same from my iPhone with poor results but my new iPad Mini works well.

My workaround was to simply buy a firestick and put it on another input. One time cost of 20 bucks (Black Friday price) was worth it to me instead of waiting for the Apple TV app to come out (if it ever does).

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They will have this by the end of the year(won’t they). I bought a lot of these as Xmas Gifts and all most all use Apple TV as their chosen streamer.

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I sure hope so…

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How is the Firestick working? Once the 4 tuner Gen 4 Tablo is available I want to add one into our motorhome, but we have two Apple TV now and I doubt the ATV app will be available any time soon.

Having a small issue with the firestick itself, when I switch to it it says performing system update please wait 1 or 2 minutes. When nothing happens for 5 minutes I restart it and then it works fine. Have 3 firesticks in the house and this is not an issue on any others. Anyway, the good news is that then when I use the Tablo it works seamlessly, no issues. I see here they say Tablo will support Apple TV by the end of the year but who knows.

They said it should be coming early/mid December when I asked. I think they are going to release the 4 tuner around the same time. I also hooked up a FireTV Cube for now and no problems at all.

I had bought 6 of these when Best Buy had the BF Sale for $79.00 to use as Xmas Gifts. I contacted Tablo and wanted to know if the Apple Tv App would be available by Christmas because all the people these are going too use Apple Tv’s as their streamer. I told them opening a Xmas Gift with no where to go was like opening a new toy without batteries. They said they had no IDEA when the Apple TV app would be ready. I took 5 of them back and kept one for myself. I can wait a year or two.
I just can’t chance it on the others for Christmas. They gave no indication it would be ready anytime soon.

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I don’t want to post the email in case they said something they were not supposed to, but I have one from them saying what I said above. It should be coming soon.

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I hope your right and I’m wrong.

I hope so

Ditto for me

I love how they are radio silent now.

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I’m just glad they finally got the classic tablo to work with Apple TV again.

New Tablo user here - 4th gen 4 tuner model (after 23 years with TiVo). The Apple TV app is something I want desperately as I want to move away from TiVo - that app will allow me to do it.

Little surprised it doesn’t exist. For the meantime I tried the app on my Android TV - which is slow as hell, but it does work. Can’t wait for Apple TV Tablo app as we do 95% of our streaming there. If we get this app, then we can probably live in the Apple TV device completely.

Exact same here.

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I am mostly an Apple guy, 15 Pro Max, Ultra 2 watch, Airpods Pro 2, newest AppleTV 128Gb, 10" Apple Carplay screen, but since being forced in a way to use another device more, I am kinda liking the FireTV Cube more. thinking:

Sure none of my Apple stuff is there like photos, podcasts but most of the main apps are the same and I am really liking the web browser and use it on some cord cutting streaming sites. I also like there seem to be way more apps on the Cube, so I might keep both even after the Tablo AppleTV app comes out.