+/- 1 minute for start & end times

Continuing the discussion from Tablo needs a screensaver!:

Replying to a post about “how much work would it be” …to add a screen saver.

How about adding the option to adjust start and end times +/- 1 minute!?!

Here’s some posts explaining how easy it is… for an end user to do it from New Recording Features.

How much easier could it be for a coding technician to implement this? Here’s some discussion from 7:01 8:31 9:01 etc about how frustrating and the marketing behind the 1 minute overlaps.

Some users may be willing to loos a minute off the end of a show in order to resolve a conflict and keep an entire show.

Since it’s simple enough for users, can your talented experts look into the requirements and try to adding it to an upcoming update?

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On Roku I already have start 2,5,10 early and 1 and 2 late. Why not 3,4,6,7,8,9 early and 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 late?

And doesn’t tablo still have a little slop to the default start and end times already?

The default recording settings start 15 seconds before the program start time and end 1 minute after the program end time.

At least +1 minute please. +2 minutes you end up with too much of the last show. +1 makes far more sense.

They use to be 30 seconds and 90 seconds.

And who knows where they will go next. And if the stations are providing the correct time why any changes. I’ve never had to use them in over 5 years.

The actual question, if user can adjust start and end time by any amount - it’s cumbersome now.

Can tablo experts allow their users, via the UI to customize both times either direction? - freedom to choose. I could loose a minute to save a show, for example.

Why not (-1) included as the least for both start and end time… we don’t know what’s to come.

But I can’t make it stop early via the UI, apprently not even your Roku. Nor can you start late if you wanted/needed to.

I noticed show after show just trimming off the start, like that joke you miss the first line of. It’s why I want 1 minute to capture anything that’s being missed, 2 mins and you catch the end of the last show big time.

Maybe this isn’t about you

If it’s not an issue for you, start a topic that is …you haven’t done that in years either :man_shrugging:

This is about asking if they can look into adding the ability to adjust start end times as they say they’ll look into a screen saver - if it’s not too much work. A user show’d it’s not much work from this end… how much easier for a skilled coder?

I didn’t say I have never used them.

I said I have never had to use them. There is a difference. I use them if I want to keep certain recording on a specific unit and not have spillage due to conflict resolution onto my other units.

To clarify, am I understanding - you use them voluntarily? You have never actually had to use them out of necessity, but out of convenience. Yes, there is a distinction, it just sounds confusing if you read too quickly… sorry for the misunderstanding.

My wife and were both in software R&D for over 40 years. So we have a high tolerance for pain.

Some things most people find as a necessity we may view as a nit. We can often find a work around. It’s not like the world will end if my wife misses a few minutes of an episode of Judge Judy.

I think we already figured she did LOL, ok sorry but you made that too easy…

This is somewhat my point from the start. I want to be able to loose a minute in order to resolve a conflict when shows start/end times overlap by a minute.

As it is, you loose an entire recording. If I could end one 1 minute early or start one 1 minute late - I could still get the show, less 1 minute – and neither ending the world nor imploding the universe.

But having an episode of some dumb show, I would feel so much better just knowing I’ve gotten it recorded.

I don’t think you want to have my wife to start posting.

Five years ago she was recently retired and it took her 45 minutes using wireshark to crack the discovery protocol. And about 2 hours to write her own.

I convinced her to actually retire. So now the girls are having a tea party(shopping) at the other house.

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The most unjust Judge in the world if you ask me, so missing the entire show might be a good thing.

In the world!? :earth_americas:
That’s not the real question being asked… can tablo consider looking into adding 1 minuted adjustments to the next update, if/since it’s not too difficult, as with the screen saver.

I would guess it’s about a 10 minute code change and a few days of regression testing.