Can anyone confirm this?

I posted previously and sent in a ticket with no results forthcoming (other than a request for more info, which was stupid, imho, and now no response to what I sent back).
My issue is that all of my Tablo recordings start at the 15 second mark. This is on a FireTV stick and a Roku TV. While some networks pack junk into the first 15 seconds, some start on the dot or a bit before. When I rewind from the 15 second mark, sometimes it kicks me out of the app. I have two Tablo Duals and both exhibit the same behavior, so I’m thinking Tablo intentionally did this for some reason. This is getting really annoying and appears to be totally unnecessary.
Is anyone seeing the same thing and if so, is there a way to make the Tablo start at the 0:00:00 mark?

Here’s a post from someone figuring out how you can adjust start time, by a few seconds or minutes

While 15 seconds wouldn’t seem to kill a show for many, I do understand everyone has their own OCD issues we just can’t let go.

If there’s a tuner available, we’ll start up the tuner 15 seconds before the guide says the show is going to start.

When we play that recording back, the Tablo tells the player to start at at the + 15 second mark so that playback starts when the show is supposed to start.

If there are certain shows that you see start earlier than what’s in the guide, I’d suggest using the advanced recording option to tell the recording to start 2 minutes early.


Well what I see is playback starts 15 seconds into the recording. Most of the time that is still a commercial. But if I need to I can rewind back 15 seconds and it starts from the beginning with no problems.

Win10/Chrome and Nvidia Shield Android and Andriod preview apps

Currently on 2.2.28 but its been happening for a while

Guess I just have to live with it. Extending recordings creates too many conflicts.

I honestly had never noticed this before, but now I will never unsee that :15 at the start. :wink:

The explanation for doing it is interesting. The Tablo folks don’t trust the network start times, so they record bonus content that has to be unlocked via the rewind button. :slight_smile:

And I can understand why on show start times. It seems like some networks start and/or overlap shows by a couple minutes just to screw with us on recording. I mean, do you really need an extra minute of programming on shows? I think not. I just wish Tablo gave us the option of starting all shows at :00 vs the default :15.

You would think it was just that straight forward… there are various perspectives -

A hassle for one, is aggravating for another and only annoying for some, then there are those who just don’t get it.

What’s interesting is that if you have started playback of a recording and stop it (after at least 30 seconds), you do have the option to start at the beginning, which will be the :00 mark. You just don’t have that option in the beginning.

I always wondered why the playback of recordings started at 15 seconds in, it has never bothered me before so I never inquired about it lol

Yeah, but who wants to watch 30 seconds of show and THEN go back to 0:00. It doesn’t seem like much of a chore for Tablo to give us the option to start at 0:00.

Many times it doesn’t bother me either. Some networks fill that 15 seconds with promo/marketing junk, so no big deal. But some (I have 2) have intentionally started shows on the button, or even early/late if they juggle their lineups to start at the :59 mark or :01 mark. Obvious effort to screw DVRs.