Tablo needs a screensaver!

I previously posted this request for help in the General Discussion category:

"I have 3 Tablos which work fine in general. I am using Roku Ultra’s and Roku 3’s for the front end access with the latest software. I have the Roku’s set to use the screensaver after ten minutes, which works fine when I am on the Roku main page. When we watch the recorded news on the Tablo app, however, we sometimes leave the room and the recording finishes and then it is on the “watch, protect, or delete” screen. After 5 minutes or so, the TV goes blank with no indication that it is running. This is on a new Samsung where the red power light is on when the tv is turned off, which is backwards from the old days. We have left the house a few times not knowing the the tv was still turned on.
In contrast, the Sling Tv app on the Roku has the moving Sling icon on the screen when a recorded show ends, so it is obvious that the tv is still turned on. Other apps allow the Roku screensaver to run when there is no input from the user "

I am wondering how much work it would be for you to either add a moving Tablo icon or simply pass control to the Roku screensaver as some other Roku apps do. Then you would know if the tv was on or off when you looked at it. If you had a moving Tablo icon it would also be free advertising for the Tablo brand when the set was running. I believe that Tivo does this.

It’s been a while since we last looked into it, but we are planning to take another peek at the requirements over the next few months.

If it’s simple, we’ll try to add one in an upcoming update.

Thank you for responding to my request. The fact that we consumers can get updates to our ota dvr’s will give you loyal customers that will stay with your products in the future. I have 3 Tablos and am quite satisfied with them. Will keep my eye out for that update.

@TabloTV all that beautiful album art going to waste…

I suppose the screensaver could be floating tiles similar to the tiles you see when you first sync some devices. But… do you really want to see Gomer’s head floating on your TV screen?


So today for the first time the Tablo Roku app has a Roku floating around instead of a blank screen. I’ll have to check the version number, but did they issue an update?

Edit: Ok, odd now it’s not doing it, just a blank screen. Appears they may have built in the Roku screen saver for the Tablo app and it just doesn’t work, most of the time.

Could it be the blank screen is the Roku Screen Saver kicking.

All you have to do is go into the Roku setting and change the timer to 1 minute and watch it go on the various tablo screens.

I have my Roku set to 1 minute as I have an OLED and I’m paranoid. Whatever this is doesn’t have the same screensaver as the Roku, it just has “Roku” floating around, I had it come up twice so far while paused on a show on the Tablo.

I’m sure they can adjust your meds.

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Yes, I’m aware the OLED’s are very reliable in reality. On the other hand why risk it. I have one of the newer models as well which they say has even less burn in issues.

Still I don’t understand why Sometimes we are seeing the floating Roku logo and other times just a blank screen for the screensaver. Odd.

We always just get the black screen saver on Tablo with our Roku (Ultra). It’s not a huge deal, but overnight, eventually the Tablo app dies (for whatever reason) and we wake to find the normal Roku screensaver running on the TV, all because it’s not easy to tell that the TV is on without some sort of screensaver. It’s an OLED curse.

Almost all TVs have a sleep timer.

Some LG OLED have a standby light toggle that turns the power light on. Some Sony models have pixel shift mode that shifts the picture at regular intervals to prevent image retention.

Risk what?

However, with an LG OLED TV, any risk of burn-in or image retention have been addressed through the use of technology that not only helps protect against damage to the screen, but features self-healing properties so that any short-term image retention that may occur is quickly rectified. It is rare for an average TV consumer to create an environment that could result in burn-in.


The more you post, the more it appears a tablo may not benefit your mental health. Although I’m not a professional, there does seem to be a pattern.

Giggle, you really don’t understand, do you?

I do know that OLED picture burn has been talked about since OLED first came out.

One user fears burn from not knowing if the power is still on or falling asleep.

I have liked Sony products since the early days of the Trinitron, that’s why I picked a Sony A8G. And it also has Pixel Shift.

And TV/Monitor pixel burn is old as dirt. I use to an old TV that had a screen pixel rest button in the back.

Now if you just want a screen saver independent of OLED that is a different argument.

How about this, we want to know when we leave our TV’s on via the screen saver so as not to waste electricity. OLED aside. Ohh and my last TV was a Plasma, so I earned my burn in fears legitimately.

Obviously an all black screen saver doesn’t burn in… I suppose we don’t want Tablo to create a static screen (non changing) saver, because that would cause temporary retention (burn in is more of a plasma thing). It’s really just an observation vs other products.

It’s not a huge deal, I just tell my wife to make sure that it is off. Or, if you’re @zippy, you’re constantly setting the sleep timer anyhow, so no real problem.

I’ve never set a sleep timer on any TV I’ve ever owned. My OLED has Pixel Shift. It also goes black with my Roku.

The Roku app exception to it’s black screen saver always seems to be Slingtv blue. Every once in a while, for no particular reason it asks, if I’m still watching. At that point, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it go into any screen saver.

But I never worry about screen burn, There is always the next Black Friday to pickup a new model.

When I’m seriously concerned about “as not to waste electricity” I take personal responsibility, if it’s actually a priority. There are steps I can take, sleep time, screen off (audio stay on). Notice sudden silence and start another show, or turn off TV… or why did I have it on in the first place. Tell Alexa to remind me my TV is on. Use my tablet instead of TV I’m not going to see anyhow.

If it was such a priority concern for me - I would make it my responsibility and not find ways to blame for me not to be able to figure it out myself. Of course there my be extenuates circumstances from time to time but if it happens more than a couple of times… then it would be my own fault - not because some device didn’t remind me I turned on the TV, stopped watching, didn’t notice there was no sound, went to the store came home and discovered the TV had been on the entire time. That would indicate my own irresponsibility or lack of concern about energy wasting.