ZapperBox ATSC 3.0 Tuner with DVR

Now that the ATSC rollout has begun in the USA when does Tablo plan to compete in this market?
ZapperBox HDMI ATSC 3.0 is about $275 on Amazon and will have DVR capability.

Here is Tyler’s review:

Tabo is currently working on a ASTC 3.0 Turner. It is delayed due the decision by broadcasters to implement encryption on the broadcast. As Tyler points in his review the Zapper is not able to decode (and you have to hope IMO they actual will trade out your unit for a compatible unit once released) so Tablo is working on it but trying to make it fully compatible, first. Also currently the Zapper doesn’t support a DVR features you have to hope they make good on the firmware updates.

All the major broadcaster, including those that belong to pearl tv, seem to be going to encryption for ATSC 3.0. And it appears that the current zapperbox may not come with the decrpyt key built in. That would require that the actual box be swapped out for one with the decrpyt keys. Instead of paying $275 for a 2 tuner that I know will need to be returned, I would rather wait.

That Zapper is definitely headed the right direction.

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:slight_smile: 11 seconds before watching signal, but don’t worry, it gets reduced to 6 seconds.

Channel surfing becomes channel trudging.

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A single connection decryption using HDMI and HDCP 2.2 is the simplest form of ATSC 3.0 decrypt support. So if I have 2 TV’s I need 2 single tuner $250 zapper boxes

Zapperbox, which today isn’t much more than a tuner box, at USD$250, is what I call, a very bad deal. Remember when similar devices were introduced due to the mandate of ATSC 1.0, and they were at the $30-45 price point.

If you absolutely hate all streaming, have horrible ATSC 1.0 reception, perhaps you need this now. IMHO, the “winners” will be those that wait.

Another network based delivery system may soon get A3SA blessing for their linear decrypt implementation. Whether it will work in all conditions is unknown until it rolls out. One of the problems with ATSC 3.0 is that the ATSC 3.0 org had some suggestions/guidelines on modulations on the PLP’s. But the standard allowed for just about anything.

Of course STB DVR decryption is a whole different implementation and can of worms.

Looks like still no DVR support, would like to try one but won’t till it does. Zapper box signal meter | AVS Forum

At that price it better support DVR and DRM before I’d even consider it.

Hi all! I too am interested in the ZapperBox ATSC 3.0 and would like to share my opinion. I’ve recently been researching the topic of ATSC 3.0 and have been considering several tuner and DVR options for use in my home theater system. When I heard about the ZapperBox, I was intrigued, and it seems I’m not alone. However, like many of you, I am concerned about some of the reviews about the image quality and functionality of the ZapperBox. I haven’t found any information about further support or firmware updates either. Overall, I think the ZapperBox is a great product with a lot of potential.

It’s too early to make an informed decision. Right now there’s a lot of details up in the air. With the DRM still being figured out there are a lot of ways this thing could go sideways. I see big asterisks against all the current players. Zapperbox and Silicon dust rushed to market well Tablo has new owners. Silicon Dust has a tainted track record on DRM and Zapperbox has no track record. Plus we’ll see more new devices.

If you haven’t already look here people using it are updating their experiences, pausing live 3.0 works now. Zapper box signal meter | AVS Forum

A ZapperBox employee recently posted the following with regard to ATSC 3.0 DRM/encryption support:

There are two cases for DRM/encryption (the industry term is “content security”):

  1. The device is connected to the Internet. We’re sure this case can be handled with a software update. ATSC 3.0 uses the same DRM technology, called Widevine, as all OTT apps like YouTube, Netflix, etc. Widevine is owned by Google.

  2. The FCC requires TVs and NEXTGENTV logo certified boxes to work without an internet connection also. This case may require the box to be reprogrammed at a secure facility. We’ll know for sure soon.

DRM is currently working on ZapperBox with live broadcasts in Tampa. We’re now working to finish testing and certification.

Isn’t the FCC requirement for emergency broadcasts to not require the internet?

Didn’t A3SA just loosen the security requirements for HDMI only connections so that they will be able to use the same A3SA master key decryption technique that TV’s with ATSC 3.0 tuners use. And I’m not sure that applies to DVR recorded content since that would make it very easy to take a USB drive to any other ATSC 3.0 device with a A3SA key and play it.

Would be funny (in a sad way) if that’s the only ATSC 3.0 thing that can practically be recorded.

Do you have any links to white papers, specifications, or technical discussions? I don’t believe they will let content be decrypted anywhere but the device that originally recorded it. Perhaps the will use a flag or intermediate key.

Of course you could read atsc 3.0 a/360 and a/331.


Thanks! I’ll check that out.
EDIT: I love this already… /sarcasm
I see the ability to blacklist a receiver is at the top of their minds along with adding apps to our devices. I wonder if we have a choice when they want to add an app? They could blacklist an entire manufactures devices with a click.

I wonder how long the certs are valid for. After a cert expires is our device E-waste?