ZapperBox ATSC 3.0 Tuner with DVR

The ability to decertify certificates has been part of DRM for probably over 10 years. It’s just more sophisticated with A3SA.

DVR slated for late June.

Snce most of the large broadcasters have been slowly turning on encryption let me know when zapperbox has that working.

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It apparently is in Tampa trying to find out if Orlando is using same, say now they are now working to finish testing and certification.

Encryption doesn’t appear on the next 4 zapperbox releases.

Coming Soon

v1.2.1 (May 15-17)

Add support to format USB Flash drives. Caveats: This release only supports USB Flash drives. Support for USB hard drives will be added in a future release. If both a microSD card and a USB Flash drive are in inserted the microSD card will be used. The user interface for formatting drives supports only one drive currently. Support for multiple drives will be added in a future release.
Display OS version and device ID on channel scan page.
Display ATSC 3.0 blue arcs on channel scan page if an ATSC 3.0 signal is detected even if no tables are received.
Do not display Sig/SNR values on channel scan page for RF bands with no signal.
Display a graphic for audio only channels in grid guide and on screen.

v1.2.2 (June 5-7)

Add 14-day guide data for early subscribers who pre-paid before July 5, 2022.
Show channel logos in grid guide as part of 14-day guide data subscription.

v1.2.3 (June 12-14)

DVR subscription management integration with "My Account" on

v1.3 (Late June)

First release with DVR features
General availability of 14-day guide data.

Good video from Tyler regarding ATSC 3.0 DRM. Tablo is mentioned a few times…


He addressed pretty much the same concerns I’ve had all along.

With ATSC 3.0 and encryption the genie is already out of the bottle.

And the FCC has formed a committee with NAB to come up with a plan for the transition of ATSC 1.0 stations to ATSC 3.0.

Tablo needs to speak up more about it’s ATSC 3.0 plans


9/25 Release Notes | Zapperbox - ZapperBox

Per those release notes,

v2.2 release will not support recording and playback of secure content, that is planned for v2.3.

v2.3 DVR with Content Security (October)

Content security without an Internet connection (unconnected mode) will be supported around December 2023

So, recording of secure content is still only promises at this point.

My thoughts on this, they’ll be pushing back. The only way the NextgenTV (today) folks would allow for this is if the content can be restricted somehow. Much like most of the Linux world, if there seems to be a “way” to remote play or extract something that has DRM, they won’t certify (allow) it at all.

I’m am curious to see what happens.

This and I don’t trust them. I don’t trust Silicon Dust to fully deliver either. I need to see at least one company deliver DVR of DRM content and decoding without an internet connection before I start buying what they’re selling.

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10/16 Zapperbox ATSC 3.0 Tuner | Page 9 | AVS Forum

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A TV doesn’t have an output so I imagine the DRM part is probably much simpler from an implementation standpoint. I wonder if that’s why compatible TV hit the market first. Of course a TV not having an output won’t stop the motivated pirate or hobbyist from adding one.

You can tell if they are going in the right direction when they get NextgenTV certified like HDHR Flex ATSC 3 is and they already received certification and have what they need to start adding the DRM stuff they are working on it now.

The problem is, “their way”, it is always going to have to have internet I am pretty sure and they have to update all the apps one at at time, so Roku, then Android, FireTV then Apple last I heard. So HDHR will always require internet I am pretty sure as they use some Google services for “something” about the DRM I read.


What does this even mean from a practical standpoint? They fixed the HDCP bug?

The updated ZapperBox release notes ( say,

v2.3 DVR with Content Security (November)

…which has slipped from October, and yet “Content security without an Internet connection…” still says “around December 2023”.

Note, their overall DVR feature remains an open beta.