Xbox One S Is a Great Cord Cutting Appliance

I’m a little late to the party on this Xbox thing. Up until a few days ago, I knew nothing about it.

The Xbox 1 S is fantastic, I should have bought one of these a long time ago! I had always associated the name “Xbox”’ with “games” and nothing more, boy was I ever in for a surprise.

Streaming services are excellent. I’ve got Hulu, Vudu, Spotify, Soundcloud and Amazon Prime loaded up and it works with my Caavo!

Extra bonus here, there’s an HDMI Input, into which you can insert just about anything, even a Cable Box (with a customized guide). I have my Channel Master Stream+ OTA DVR hooked up to this, and can now toggle back & forth from Live (recordable) TV and Android TV and Tablo app & access to the Xbox Dashboard and all that it holds (which is everything else!). ***

Xbox is linked with Movies Anywhere, so I have my entire combined (purchased) Movie Libraries from Vudu, Amazon and Google Play right there … every movie I own from all sources, from which I can toggle back to a streaming service (or physical disc, etc.).

The user Interface is absolutely beautiful. I really love the amount of customization you can do to personalize, and the granular level of control over how to make this “look” best, to accommodate your personal preferences.

And … 4K UHD Blu ray disc player capabilities, for which you would normally pay around $200, if bought separately. I watched Oblivion on this, it was a fantastic experience.

The appliance itself is also beautiful, it is aesthetically stunning and looks great in the cabinet. It can be configured to a vertical setup, with an included accessory, for those who need the space (or happen to like it that way). To my view, this is one of the most rewarding purchases I’ve made, since cutting the cord a few months back.

*** Side Note: I got the idea of running my Stream+ through this from some kid on YouTube who as using it for his Fire Stick (funny stuff).

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Thanks to @Max for the added insight on this, and to @jbdub82 for this “discovery”.

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Ha! Oblivion was one of my first 4K purchases, if not THE first, and it definitely looks amazing in 4K. I love that movie, despite the general consensus that it’s derivative at best, because the story is emotional, there are some great quotable lines, the soundtrack is outstanding (M83 is worth checking out if you liked it), and the cinematography is top-notch. It’s a beautiful movie with perfect CGI and a great candidate for showing off your 4K setup.

"If we have souls, they are made of the love we share. Undimmed by time. Unbound by death.

I wonder if I come to you at night, in dreams. In the day, as memories. Do I haunt your hours the way you haunted mine?"

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You are correct on all counts. This movie was practically made for 4K experience, the cinematography and richness of locales was outstanding. I was never crazy about Tom Cruse, the first movie I’d seen of his, was about six months ago (Jack Reacher). And now, that, the Reacher sequel and this are three of my favorite movies.

The sci-tech aspects were also excellent. You had the perfect combination of “future” (but not TOO future) and present day, with ultra sophisticated craft & machinery, bearing just the right amount of simple mechanics & mechanical parts.

I like Tom Cruise movies. And it shows there’s a ton of really really really good short actors out there.

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You might check out Minority Report - another surprisingly good TC movie. It’s sort of a cult classic and has a lot of great sci-fi elements, and they aren’t ridiculous. They did a lot of research into what kind of technologies would most likely be available in the future and now that the movie is 16 years old, it’s really interesting to see just how much of the “future” is coming true.

I also really liked Edge Of Tomorrow, which was apparently renamed to Live. Die. Repeat. because the original title wasn’t making people want to watch it. Frankly, I preferred “Edge Of Tomorrow” because it’s more about the philosophy explored in the movie, whereas “Live. Die. Repeat.” is far too on-the-nose and focuses just on the literal plot. Anyway, it’s not the greatest movie, and the ending is confusing, but it really makes you think. It’s kind of like Groundhog Day, except less boring and with explosions and aliens and an actual explanation for the time-travel.

TC is a great actor, despite his real-life weirdness, but he’s getting to an age that all the plastic surgery he’s had and all the makeup they cake on him just aren’t able to hide how unbelievable it is for him to be an action hero.

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I have a new-found respect for him, after having ignored him for the past twenty years or so. I’ll check out Minority Report sometime soon (a friend has the disc). I think I like his real-life weirdness as well.

Yes. He, and his little friend Dustin Hoffman.

And if you feel a bit guilty… Edge of Tomorrow, just so you can see Tom die over and over and over again (amazing low budget foreign film where they spent everything they had on Tom… I’m guessing…).

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FYI – For Black Friday (though I think the sale already started) you can “buy” a lot of 4k content from Vudu for $5 per digital movie and then stream it on your fancy new toy :wink:

They have a lot of junk, but some decent content too.

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I do plan on checking that out at some point. Its been recommended and I like low budget films.

Thanks for the head up on this, just took a look over there, they’ve got 378 HDX & UHD movies for $4.99, bundles for $9.99 and hundreds for $7.99.

I have learned through hands-on experience, that the 4K Blu Ray capabilities are equal-to / better-than my dedicated (LG) device and I’m guessing most devices in the $200 - $250 range. If I used it for nothing but 4K Blu Ray, I’d have gotten my money’s worth. Still can’t believe I overlooked this for so many years.

Can you give some specifics?

So much of this is subjective, as the technology is at a level to where the human eye can only perceive (or barely perceive) small, if any difference in what’s being displayed. And, the specs will be the same for any 4K Bluray player in the price range of $250 - $300 … max display of 2160, for example.

The Xbox gives me the same specs and performance standard of a stand-alone Bluray player, but with the benefit of a huge and far greater feature set, such as those I’ve described.

Using the Sony UXP-X800 which retails for $299, or the Samsung UBD M9500, which retails for over $300 (even when on sale), for example, I can’t get appreciably better specs or quality-of-image display out of either. If (IF) all other things were equal, I’d still not have all the features and benefits, not related to (just) playing 4K discs.

As opposed to a stand-alone player and in addition to the standard features they provide, I can also access either of my OTA DVRs, Android TV and Tablo, all within the same (customizable) Interface. These are a few examples.

Some technophiles will nit-pick a minor difference in spec (there are none here, by the way), or some perceived ergonomic difference (or make one up if necessary). If they can’t find any real difference or disadvantage, they’ll find fault in the Remote, a particular button, design or even color, something (anything) to besmirch product. All in all, and for this user, I can’t find or do any better.

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I loaded up on those. Found some nice ones at the $7.99 price point as well.

Thanks, that makes sense.

I agree it’s subjective, but I am not as sure I agree that the differences can’t be perceived (I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just don’t know)

I think some of the differences may be view-able on a larger screen with a smaller viewing distance (i.e. the OTA 720p looks just fine on my 4k TV with an 8-10’ viewing distance. And it looked fine on my old HDTV. But when I watch the same 720p content on my [non-4k] projector with the same 8-10’ viewing distance, I can tell the qualify isn’t as good as it can be/I’m used to seeing from full-HD].

But I said before, I’m not picky enough (the damn red button isn’t red enough! ;)) to buy an X-box and a dedicated UHD player. It’ll be the former (I didn’t pull the trigger on the X-box, my kids can wait a little longer… lol. But I’m sure I’ll be forced to buy it soon…)

My kids have no idea what all an Xbox or even PlayStation can do! All I hear about is fortnight or call of duty. I can’t even play the games!!

Too many buttons, I miss my old Atari and Nintendo 64 controllers!

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Up until a week ago, I had no idea either. I know a little of the Super Nintendo circa '93, by way of an ex girlfriend, who bought one at a garage sale a few years ago. I didn’t explore it, but still have the cartridges somewhere. I have (and love) a very old Famicon system from Japan, which still works, and for which I own thirty-five game cartridges. I’ve only ever played two or three games on it, none to fruition and never for more than ten minutes at a time.

I had given no attention whatsoever to Xbox, PlayStation, etc. all these years. Ironically, it was my cord-cutting experience which brought this discovery to me. And for that, I am thankful.

Still intend to check out Minority Repot and Edge of Tomorrow. In the meantime, I picked up “American Made” and found it to be very entertaining. Funny how I completely ignored Tom Cruise all these years (just as I did the Xbox), and have now seen him in a new light.