Xbox one S app quits while watching

My Xbox one S Tablo app quits to the home Xbox screen when watching live or recordings. Some experimentation makes me think it happens when the buffer runs out after no being replenished fast enough. Is anyone else experiencing this? The IPhone app does not have this problem.

@Paladino - Can you describe a bit more what you’re seeing?

So you’re watching either live or a recording and in the midst of playback the app quits and returns to the home Xbox screen?

Does it happen more on recordings or a live stream? Does it happen more on a particular channel?

What firmware are you running?

Sure. I’m watching live or recorded though I watch more recordings. During playback the app will close and I am back at the Xbox home screen. If I reopen the app and go back to the recording it does not remember where I was so have to fast forward. As an example, Last night was watching Big Bang Theory recording and it crashed to home screen at lest 5 times during a 39 minute show. Does not matter what recording I watch same happens.

After the 3rd crash last night I started pausing and checking then buffer and letting it refill when was low. If I pause enough I can play without crash but have to pause ever 30 seconds or so.

Latest firmware. I can watch the same recording on my phone and no issues.

OK good to know.

Do you have any issues playing back from any other devices on your network?


Alrighty - we’ll take a look at this!

I’m having similar issue that my Xbox one app freezes during programs and you have to back out to the guide. Was there a fix or cause found?

I am having a similar issue as well. During live tv playback on the xbox one s app, sometimes it will just stop playing and exit completely. At first thought it may be timed to when the xbox one controller powers down, but that testing did not prove true. It’s intermittent, sometimes it will do it and other days not. I know that’s not really good information to try and recreate for troubleshooting, but that’s what is happening. Sometimes during live playback will just stop after it has been streaming for a longer period of time. So it’s not like it stops right after initial buffering. To me, not a major deal, just open the app again, but is an inconvenience I guess.

@Davep @dpickles We haven’t been able to reproduce any behaviour like this so far. Are you both using the Xbox One S?

Yes. I am using the Xbox One S. Thanks.

I have an Xbox one. Also this does not happen with roku devices or limited time I have watched on iPad

I just installed my Tablo 4 and that was the same experience I had on my Xbox One. On the Roku and iPad, we had a much better experience. This was via a wired network connection.

I also have had the same experience where the Tablo app on X-Box One S just randomly quits. Either I’m watching live TV or Recordings.

I also have troubles fast forwarding on the Tablo App via X-Box One S from any recordings. Every time I try to fast forward (joystick to the right showing progress bar) to any section of the recording, it goes right back to the beginning of the recording. I then tried the “RT” button on the Xbox and that works but only fast forwards to like every 20seconds but the problem is if I click on the “RT” button quickly to many times (to fast forward to 2minutes), the recordings goes right back to the beginning. Basically, the fast forwarding capability is virtually impossible to use on the X-Box One S - Table App.

The iPhone and iPad fast forwarding capability works like a champ. Also using Chromecast via Chrome browser - fast forwarding also works with no problems. That leads me to say that the X-Box one S app has many bugs in it which is unfortunate because the console is my main entertainment center.

FYI: We’re looking into the reported player issues on the Xbox One!

I’m also having issues with playback on the Xbox One S (both live and recorded). I can watch 10-20 minutes of a show, then it closes and goes back to the Xbox home screen. Once this issue starts, I can usually only watch a few more seconds of the show before it closes down again if it even connects to Tablo.

Are there any updates? I tried watching a recorded show and when I hit ply it goes to the show and freezes. I tap on play and it takes me back to the option menu to watch, delete, protect. N very ending loop.

I was having the same issue with my Xbox One turned off show pop up notifications don’t seem to be having that problem will update if problem comes back

@Neal_Goldberg Try reinstalling the app - this sounds different than the crashes being reported.

We’re still investigating this internally; we haven’t been able to reproduce a shutdown of the application so far.

I just recently got Tablo and I have both a xbox one s and 2 xbox one. I am seeing the same issue for all 3. I have a wired connection for Tablo and 2 of 3 xbox are wired as well. I have not see the crash on my phone or pc. So I started searching for a resolution. Please contact me if you need more information. I love the device and want it to work.

Has anyone else tried this fix?