Xbox one S app quits while watching

Will give it a try. Missed that post in the thread.

I just had an instance where it was closing to the home screen the most frequent since I had the device. It usually will go a hour or so without issue and I was repro’ing the issue in less then 5 mins multiple times. I decided to try and hold the power button for 20 secs to completely turn off the xbox one and the frequent crashes stopped. The kids were playing Madden 17 prior to watching tablo. Its been going strong for over a hour now since the hard reset.

Update. Still happens but not guide as often. Clearing cache on xbox one seems to help more.

Hello. I’m reporting the same issues as well.

Tablo application on a regular (non-S) Xbox One quits while watching either recordings or live tv.

I encounter no issues using the android, ios or roku app when watching content.

The crashes seem to happen less frequently following a hard reset on the xbox, but they eventually start happening again.

Can you try disabling pop-up notifications on your Xbox? We’ve seen a few users have some luck after making this change.

I just did. I’ll let you know how it works out, thanks for the assistance

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Unfortunately disabling the pop-up notifications did not fix the issue. App is still quitting unexpectedly a few times per day while watching live tv or recordings

My Xbox One S is flaky as hell after the latest (Fall 2017) update. I constantly need to hard reset it, to the point where I have turned on Power Saving mode so it completely shuts down when I turn it off.

I also have a original Fat Xbox One that has no issues and a Xbox One X which has no problems.

I will do some stress testing on all three next week when I get my 4-tuner Tablo set up and report any differences I see.

ne of the reasons I’m going with Tablo over other solutions is it’s support of my specific devices of choice, Xbox One and Roku.

I know my home router is crap and starts dropping packets under load.

I noticed that the app crashes were significantly more frequently when my home network was being subject to heavier load, and the crashes happen less frequently when there’s only the Tablo app using the network.

Could the issue be caused by the app incorrectly handling a missing packet while streaming?

If you think it’s load based, it could be you don’t have enough bandwidth allocated.
Can you set priorities in the router? Are you on WiFi or wired. Not saying your network is bad, just thinking of ways to alleviate the load…

The other thing you can do is reduce your recording quality. That will reduce the bit rate being sent over the network.

Right. I’m however not looking to do that. I’ll get my router changed and fix the packets loss issue.

Reason I reported this here is to inform you of a potential cause for the issue your customers have been having.

Testing the app under slight packet loss conditions might help you reveal an issue with the app