Wow, new Tablo 4 tuner

I’ve got a large rooftop antenna hooked up to 3 tvs , and a TiVo. I have a 5 bar signal to all of them. However, my new tablo 4 tuner was unable to find any channels. The rest of my devices find 32 channels. What a big waste of my time. Disappointed, to say the least.

Tablo servers are down:

I am unable to connect on iPad, Roku, Apple TV and all have message: “A Connection to the Tablo servers could not be established. Please check your internet connection.” Have rebooted Tablo, powered it down, rebooted router. Internet working fine but cannot connect to Tablo servers. Is it possible the Olympics has swamped Tablo and cannot keep up???

Replying to my own post… I can watch my TabloTV recordings on my iPhone but not the iPad or Roku or Apple TV.

Interesting, I can watch Live TV on using my Roku, but I don’t have a recording to test.
Can you watch Live TV via your Roku?

Everything is now working now. All of my devices started working about 12:40-45 PM Central time. Very glad!

I am watching on AppleTV

If you get zero channels, you likely have a defective Tablo, which is bound to happen when they sell thousands of unit.

Return it to your seller and have them send you a new one.

I get all the channels on my Tablo that I get when I connect directly to the HDTV tuner.