Won't recognize zip code

this thing is a nightmare to set up! it won’t recognize my zip code. so far, I hate it~

Lol enter a nearby one.

You mean you can’t enter it, or it doesn’t give you guide data for that zip? What are you actually trying to enter?

Some devices have the option to Use location instead of ZIP Code, if it helps relieve stress.

This will likely vary from device to device, this is from that web app, and I know android on a tablet has the option as well.

My zip is 61604 or- 61604-4032. nearby is 61614. none will work with this thing. I don’t see this “location” option offered

What device are you using to set it up?

don’t see that anywhere~

tried the tv & Roku & phone app… if the thing is so inconsistent that every option is different- it’s crap

tried that- nope~

Where do you get all your programming from Chicago? No that would be kinda far away.

What do you actually see when you enter your zip code?

am in Peoria IL- plenty of local stations

“try again”- some error message. tried numerous times.

Maybe try accessing via a PC, my.tablotv.com.

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been there… so- there are (supposedly) MULTIPLE ways to get this thing going- and NONE of them are alike; and (according to the "help"pages) there are a myriad of ways for it to fail. insanity~

Sorry you’re having this zip code issue, I just don’t understand why it won’t take it. Can you share a screenshot?

So you have stations in Peoria or do you get them from other cities? Did you try setting the zip code to one of the cities you get most of your channels from?

what??? how much of a hassle is it to set this thing up??? should I hire someone with a degree? this is insane

beyond my capabilities… really— the setup videos don’t show any of this madness. the damn site won’t even accept the serial # on the box. the phone app can’t find the Tablo when I’m standing nest to it- this is shit

This all sounds like the initial setup of a HDMI model

And if so I thought all of the initial setup was suppose to occur from the TV connected via HDMI. If the initial setup was ever completed. And if not, what all of the jabbing from network connected did.

You can’t even tell from all of these posts if the unit is on the current firmware release.