Won't recognize zip code

sorry- but what the hell does that mean? should I hire Geek Squad to set up this piece of junk? do you need an advanced degree in electronics to get this thing to work? according to the videos- the “setup wizard” buzzes through and does everything… the system won’t accept my zip code or the serial # for the unit from the box label. this is madness! got a 40’ cord to hook it to the wifi & it said thanks for doing that- but still won’t go… wasted half the day with this thing

Following is for humor, but also fact…

Probably should let someone else do it for sure.

My mom has a 6th grade education.
She got it to work.

I just like looking at this one.


It can’t be. He can access it from the computer.

Maybe start from the beginning with some basics…
which exact tablo are you setting up?
It seems obvious you have it connected via network? wifi/wired and has internet access
…as you can access with some device?
How, which device/apps are you using to attempt setting up your tablo?
“try again” - some error message? What specific error message?

The phone app won't care how close you are to it - wifi transverses via router between devices tablo > router > phone | phone > router > tablo

Where / why are you entering the serial # ?? On the settings tab selecting “Manage My Subscription” - will take you to a page “Your serial number is”…

cords and wifi don’t interconnect, not directly.

The user implied they started by using the TV

tried the tv & Roku & phone app

Then went on to talk about entering the serial number. Is the user is talking about the www.tablotv.com site. All of my unit are so old the used the original SN format.

I agree with this approach.

Which Tablo model are you trying or setup? Please provide the model number.

Is this a new Tablo or a refurbished Tablo? If refurbished, please factory reset the Tablo and try the setup process again. Depending on the model, we can look up and give you a link to how to factory reset the unit.

If you don’t want help via the forum, wait until Monday and call Tablo Support directly and I’m sure someone can walk you through the setup steps.

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