Windows Phone App

Windows Phone (and also Windows) app would be much appreciated. With MSFT’s new roadmap, having a single app for both PC/Tablet and phone would be super helpful. Windows Phone is a legit OS (at least outside the US, some European countries market share exceeds iPhone) and would sincerely appreciate the app. Could incentivize it by having it available for paid subscribers only and I wouldn’t gripe.

For whatever reason, the Tablo folks just haven’t been able to get IE to work completely, which is the only browser available on Windows phones. That is the only device I own that can’t use the Tablo. Hopefully it will be solved at some point.

IE support does appear to very close now.  I can finally do everything with the Tablo via my phone except for the shows actually playing.  On my phone I see the message "Your browser does not support playback for Tablo video streams. "

We have lots on the road map (including IE support @snowcat), but a Windows Phone app hasn’t been among the popular feature/platform requests. 

That being said, never say never - our plan is to support as many platforms as we can - as best as we can.


Our family switched over to Windows phones last November, and ‘we ain’t goin’ back’! WAY more organized and fluid than Android at syncing the family info, and overall usability. I know two other people that just (hesitantly) made the switch, and they are pleasantly surprised at how nice it is, and now prefer it over Android. Only caveat is: no Flash support :-( 
As for iPhones? I don’t do Macintosh… :wink:

I realize that developing Windows phone apps are more hectic than other OS’s, and even worse, only take about 4% of market share. So, I would just be happy with full IE support if nothing else…at least to add/manage program recordings.

Thanks guys!

@snowcat Are you saying you can access the Tablo through IE on your Win Phone? When I try, it connects to Tablo but shows a blank white sreen. I figured this was due to Tablo’s web gui being Flash based…???

I can now, but I wonder if it is because I have all the latest 8.1 updates on it.  If you sign up as an app developer, you can download 8.1 on your phone (even if you have no plans to develop and app).  

So now I can connect to the Tablo (never could before), see the whole program grid on live TV (though when I select a channel to watch, it says "Buffering…: and usually goes to the “Tablo doesn’t support” message.   When I got to Prime Time, TV Shows, Movies, or Sports, I see all the shows and graphic boxes, just like on my other devices.  I can see all my scheduled recordings (but not play them), modify the Tablo settings, and even set up recordings (including manual ones).

I haven’t gotten it to work on my phone, as the browser just takes forever in the “syncing” screen.  update got it to finally load, but when I click on any video source (be it live or recorded) it give me “invalid source”. Running on WP 8.1 developer preview with (i think?) mobile IE11.

a Windows Phone app hasn’t been among the popular feature/platform requests. 

Well, looks like we need to step that up :slight_smile:

@snowcat Thanks a million for the 8.1 developer info… I had no idea a person could do that. Will definitely look into it.

Out of curiosity, what WP’s do you guys have?  I started way back with the HTC Radar.  Went to the Lumia 920, and now have the Lumia 1520.  My wife got the 1020.

I would love a WP app or support, but anyone with a WP knows that 4% market share doesn’t get you on the fast track for apps.  It’s such a good overall experience though I happily trade inconveniences for a phone that works well all the time.

Also, with Plex I can watch recorded shows.  Live doesn’t work, but recordings are fine (low quality, but playable).

I have the Lumina 920, though I just switched to an Android phone (Moto G 2014).  

I had two issues with my 920.  First, I think something is wrong with my mic/speakers.  People can no longer hear my clearly when talking, and I have read of others with the same issue.  I have tried to clean them out the best I could, but nothing helps. (using a bluetooth headset makes it a lot better, but I don’t like carrying it around everywhere)

The second is the lack of apps (plus no chrome).  It has bothered my that I can’t use the Tablo on it.  There are a lot of games I play on my iPad and computer that I couldn’t play on it, and there is no watchESPN app for Windows Phone either.  Now that I have an Android phone, I get all those apps. 

The 920 is still a good phone, and I am keeping it in case one of my family’s phones breaks.  But so far I am happy with the switch.  (my wife has an iPhone 5s, so we have a bit of everything. )

My experience with Android phones is that they start out great, but the longer you have them the slower they become.  I felt like I always had to factory reset after about 6 months to refresh the phone, which always annoyed me.  It’s been a long time though since I’ve had one, so they may have gotten that under control since then,  As for the iStuff, we have several pads, but I’ve never been attracted to the phones.

i have a lumia 925, but have honestly tried out most of the windows phones as i worked on that team at MSFT. they have great functionality but as everyone knows…low amount of apps and marketshare. Really looking forward to the lumia 830 and hopefully the tablo streams to it nicely.

Just think with Windows Phone 8.1 what you could do with Cortana integration?

“Tablo, record the next episode of Under the Dome”
“Tablo, record all episodes of Marvel Agents of Shield”
“Tablo, when does the next episode of Once Upon a Time air”
"Tablo, give me a description of the next episode of Sleepy Hollow"

I think you get the idea.

@gminnick - That would be pretty cool. I wonder if we could do that w/ Siri on iOS devices… 

@gminnick @tablotv My Insteon home automation stuff has this kind of support for my WP.  I can say “Insteon turn kitchen lights on” and it happens :slight_smile:

iOS guys confirm there’s no Siri SDK kit yet so no integration is possible… 

@gminnick - We’d have to see if MSFT is lacking the same thing… 

@jbanks25 - We saw all kinds of stuff like that at CEDIA. Many people asked about support for home automation systems… 

@TabloTV since I’m tied into the MS ecosystem so much via the choices I’ve made around the house Insteon was the only way that made sense for me to go when it came to home automation.  They announced their partnership with MS earlier this year, and from what I understand the two companies worked out the Cortana support.  It really is super cool.  

P.S. I know with 4% market share it will never ever make sense for you guys to develop this, but I can dream :wink:

@TabloTV may help. I’m pretty sure Cortana is well ahead of Siri with regards to developer integration. Lot less locked down, if i’m not mistaken.

+1 for a windows phone app, although if you get it working in the browser a web app would do fine too. Thanks

Another vote for a Windows App. I’m having a surface pro and a Lumia 920. My wife have a surface rt and a Lumia 1020. We are deeply invested into the windows ecosystem. As a new tablo user, I really love what I can with this thing. Definitely a winner. However, what a disappointment to realize we can barely use it. For now, we have to rely on the plex app to access tablo, but that’s less than Stella experience compared to the iPad version or the web interface I can get through chrome. Sadly, that browser experience is limited to my surface pro tablet only. Yes a web UI could do in the short term, but A native app on par to ios would be more than welcome. Especially with the new universal app roadmap that Microsoft just announced (same app for phone, tablet, desktop and console) the increased flexibility of Cortana over Siri, etc. Hopefully you’ll consider it sooner in your roadmap. Thanks in advance. Kind regards.