WiFi not working

My new tablo 4 tuner will not broadcast the Tablo_xxxx SSID.  No matter what I do I cannot see it listed in available networks on pc, iPad, smartphone, android tablet.

Is there a way to force WiFi on?  Or did I just receive a defective unit?

From an iPad or browser go to my.TabloTV.com. then hit add via WiFi. If your Tablo is in range it should connect cis direct WiFi connection to tablet or PC… It will then allow u to join the Tablo to the network via the networks ssid. Did u try that already?

Yes I have tried the WiFi steps.  Wired works fine.  I then proceed to disconnect the Ethernet cable, press the blue reset quickly and let the Tablo reboot.  LED flashes slowly on the front.  I go to the Ipad app, even tried Android app, and choose add WiFi.  Nothing shows up in any wireless list.  Even tried Wifi Analyzer to see if I could see the SSID and nothing.  Beginning to think I have a bad device.  Are there any ways to force the WiFi on?

@TabloSupport  I submitted a ticket on this issue.  Do you have any suggestions as to what would cause the device to not broadcast its SSID?

I’m confused, why are you trying to hook into the Tablo_XXXX SSID if you already have it connected via Ethernet?  Wouldn’t you just use your home’s wifi at that point?   I thought the Tablo_XXXX is only used if setting up with out wifi at all.   Since you already have tablets, I assume you already have a Wifi network that is probably stronger/faster than anything the Tablo has built in.

I was going to ask something similar.  Whats the practical application of having tablo broadcast wifi?

This is pretty common now.  My Roku and Chromecast all broadcast wifi.   To put them on your home network, you have to have a device like a tablet or laptop connect to the media devices network.  That gets you into to the media device’s setup screen, and from there you can enter your main network settings.  

@paulrbeers @tacopeland 

This device is capable of connecting to the home network via wireless and not just wired.  One of the biggest features in the freedom of moving this device around the home with regards to the antenna placement.

In order to connect this device to your home WiFi as a node, you have to disconnect the Ethernet cable, press the blue reset button and release quickly to reboot the device.  This then puts the device in AP mode.  It is supposed to broadcast a SSID Tablo_XXXX.  You then do to your iPad or android wireless network list, select the Tablo_XXXX and connect to it.  Once connected, you go back to the app and you should then see your Home router SSID.  Then you can connect to home wifi and type home wifi password for authentication.  Finally the device will be a wireless node your home network.  (Personally I think it would be much easier to and the option to connect a laptop to the Ethernet port and configure via a console page )

So in the end, my 4 tuner will not go into AP mode and broadcast its SSID period.  So me me right now WiFi connection is not an option usuing Tablos Wireless NIC.

I am currently using Powerline adapters in the interim, but want to make sure my device is not broken.  Can anyone else get their new 4 tuner to connect wirelessly?

@guck11 If you’ve already connected via Ethernet, you won’t need to go through the Wifi setup process. You’re not adding a 

‘new’ Tablo, so when you disconnect Ethernet and reboot, you should navigate to the ‘Connect to Tablo’ screen on tablets, and your Tablo will be there - because it’s already been added to your network. This works the same way on the web app - the Tablo will be available in the drop down menu.

I have the same problem. I tried setting up the Tablo via my Nexus 10. Tablo android app kept crashing every time I entered the WiFi password. After the second crash, it just stopped showing up in my WiFi list. I cannot get it back. Tried web app also. Nothing. Brand new 4-tuner just arrived yesterday. Very disappointed.

P.S. I did not connect via Ethernet. Wifi only attempt. Have tried resetting Tablo. Have tried unplugging Tablo. Nada. I have no way to connect via wired network. There’s a doorway in the way.


At least you got it to show up once.  i could never get it to show up.  I have support looking into it.  Send them a ticket.  Im glad to hear I am not the only one so they move on this issue!

What happens if you hold down power button on back of Tablo until it starts blinking faster and faster and faster to solid (performing a factory reset). And then us a web browser not an android tablet to setup via WiFi?


I tried the factory reset initially thinking that would help.  And tried through a laptop using Chrome browser.  Still a no go.  It will not show the Tablo in the available networks to do the initial WiFi setup where ibcan select my wireless network and enter my network password.

Personally I am really surprised I do not have a second option to connect the Tablo to my laptop via Ethernet to console in and setup connection to my wireless network.

Odd. Can u maybe try one more time and follow these steps (this I’d how I got WiFi to work for my dad)

  1. Disconnect Ethernet
  2. Long hold reset until light blinks fast and then turns solid blur. (10 seconds I think before light starts bli king faster)
  3. Let Tablo completely reboot and power up
  4. From a chrome browser open an incognito Window and go to my.tablotv.com.
  5. On bottom below where Tablo to connect to populate there is a blue link that says add via WiFi.

Purpose on #4 is to make sure you aren’t connecting to some wonky cache in chrome…

See if that works.

Device u are connecting from I think … THINK… Has to have WiFi on it and turned on. I.e.a laptop. I could be wrong on that though.


Thanks for the steps.  I tried all of that and verified WiFi on all devices.  

If I factory reset the device, won’t I lose all recordings so far and scheduled shows?

guck11, I have submitted a support ticket. I sure hope there’s some sort of fix for this. I don’t want to start over with looking for a DVR.

How long does it take for Tablo support to respond to tickets??

They are good at getting back.  They have responded to me within a few hours of submitting.  @MsMetaP I gave them a heads up that you were reporting same issue on the message board.  So they will get back with you.