Why no Programming Data for ME-TV?

Guys, I can be very patient and I have been for a lot of kinks to get ironed out. But to not have Programming Data for ME-TV. What gives??? This is a very popular National Network and not just a hole-in-the-wall local channel.
I want to record shows from ME-TV, and I need the program data to be updated in order to do so without having to do it manually. I didn’t pay for programming data to have to do this manually.

Station is KRBK-TV 49.2 It shows up on the Live Grid, but all hourly data is blank.
49.1 is Fox, and it has all hourly data just fine.

Please fix this ASAP.

Thank you!!!

Did it recently start broadcasting? It can take up to 17 days (how long it took for GRIT and LAFF to have data for me after they started broadcasting). In the meantime, open a ticket. You can use www.TitanTV.com to see METV data and manually schedule recordings.

How is 49.3 Movies?

Try using another nearby zip code for guide data.

49-1 has data so -2 should unless it just started broadcasting.

Did it recently start broadcasting?

Not at all. 49.2 has been ME TV since before I purchased my Tablo which was in September of 2014. According to the KRBK Wikipedia Page: “On January 1, 2014, KRBK launched a second digital subchannel carrying the classic television network MeTV.”
So, we’re talking over 2 years on the air here.

How is 49.3 Movies?

I do not receive 49.3 Movies. I only receive 49.1 and 49.2.

manually schedule recordings.

The thing I hate the most about manual recordings is that they do not have the episode data. Thus, as I build my collection of episodes, there will be no data for shows recorded manually. However, this is my fallback until the guide information for ME-TV starts working.

Try using another nearby zip code for guide data.

I am in Branson, MO - about 40 miles from Springfield, MO which is the Designated Market Area for KRBK. I switched to a Springfield, MO zip code and then re-updated the guide info. in Settings, and 49.2 is still blank in the grid. Didn’t help.

49-1 has data so -2 should unless it just started broadcasting.

49.2 has been ME-TV since January 2014.

Also, here’s what I don’t understand even if it were a new channel: Isn’t ME-TV the same nationwide? Other than time differences due to time zones, all program is identical. Now, I realize that some affiliates may cut away for local stuff, but 49.2 does not do that since the parent channel (49.1) is a Fox affiliate and does all the local stuff there.

If someone at Tablo or whoever does their program listings could just assign the generic ME-TV grid to 49.2 KRBK, then that would be greatly appreciated.

That’s what I thought about GRIT and LAFF but it took them 17 days. Wonder why you don’t get the .3
Move the antenna and you will. I moved my HQ Frequency trying to gain and lost 7.3 so I moved it back.

Wonder why you don’t get the .3

The antenna is 50 up on a tower with no rotor, so it’s not going to be easy to move. I use a preamp which is mounted just below the antenna on the tower. All stations’ signal strengths are full scale and are always full scale whenever I scan.

Attached is a screenshot of my channel guide. With full scale reception of 49.1 and 49.2, 49.3 should also come in. I don’t see how messing with the antenna heading will matter.
It’s possible 49.3 is just off the air at this time or was off the air when I last scanned. I really don’t care about 49.3 anyway.

My RetroTV (RTVE) hasn’t shown guide data for a couple of months. Just “To Be Announced”. To be fair, other apps also show TBA so it’s not just Tablo’s guide. But several others including TitanTV and TVGuide have programming data for that channel so it is available. I did submit a ticket about this several weeks ago but I don’t think we ever figured it out. The programming isn’t that unique but every now and then an old movie comes up that I might want to record. Would love to see the guide updated to include this. It used to be there - don’t know what happened.

@marsradio - We can definitely get this fixed up for you. Just pop us a note with your zip code and the details of the station you’re missing data from: http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Whoops. Ok. I submitted one too.

Mine started showing data a couple of weeks ago as I called and told David he could close the ticket.The .3 is Movies! So I thought you might want to try and get it. I record somr. They are NOT edited to run in fit time.

Thank you. I submitted this tonight. I appreciate the help.

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My .3 (46-3) is a religious network - SBN. My RetroTV is 46.5 in the Seattle area. Haven’t seen the movie channel up here yet. David has my ticket and hopefully we’ll get some guide data soon :relieved:

Well, here we are, 18+ days later, and I still DO NOT have program guide data for METV at my home zip code.

HOWEVER, using a “HACK” that was suggested earlier by “theuser86” I am now able to get this data. “theuser86” had suggested that I use another nearby zip code. I thought I had done this, but apparently it did not take. Maybe because I changed the zip code but decided not to re-scan for channels. “Why re-scan?” I asked myself. I didn’t physically move the antenna and/or receiver, so I’m not going to receive any differently (barring any Tropo) just by changing the zip code. Well, I guess for the Tablo to accept that new zip code, you just have to scan again.
So, tonight, while forcing yet another program guide update, I noticed my home zip code was in there. Oooopsss.
So, I put in a zip code for Springfield - 30 miles north of here, and Low-and-Behold I’m now getting METV program data. This also caused a couple of local, LPTV stations’ program data to go blank, but they are stupid stations that have absolutely nothing worth watching on them except for tourist bullcrap.
So, I guess hackery is the only thing that works in the short term with Tablo. I’m very disappointed.
Frankly, if all of the lag and other major problems weren’t solved with the last major update, this would have been the straw that breaks the camel’s back and it would probably be time to consider giving TiVo a shot at absconding with my money. However, I’m going to stick with Tablo assuming that things remain stable and never go back to the train wreck it once was. (For what it’s worth, getting rid of Roku helped too…Amazon Fire is so much more stable in my opinion).
So, I guess I’ll leave things as-is for a month or so and then go back and re-scan with my home zip code to see if METV program data is finally linked to this area.
Long term, I think Tablo needs to rethink their program data model. It clearly has issues!

Open a ticket and give them your zip code. They will talk with the EPG provider. They are out of the office until Monday.

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@marsradio As @beastman suggested, definitely send us a note with the details on the missing data, and we’ll get it added for you (if you haven’t already)!

@marsradio As @beastman suggested, definitely send us a note with the details on the missing data, and we’ll get it added for you (if you haven’t already)!

Hello. I did open a Support Ticket on March 7th.

Your reference number is #00626274

I have a question: Do the people who respond to these actually understand English? Or is this overseas support?

I have REPEATEDLY asked why they can’t just simply apply my zip code to the existing listings for KRBK 49.2 “METV”. And, yet, that question never gets answers. Instead, I feel as though I’m getting the same “canned” responses and thus I have to wonder if there is a language barrier here.

Basically, the “canned” responses are shifting blame for this onto the broadcaster saying that they are not responding to inquiries by the Program Guide company.

METV is a national network. Programming on every affiliate is the exact same no matter where you with the exception for time zones. How the hell hard is it to simply take the METV national program grid and apply it to KRBK 49.2 in my zip code?

And now, I’ve proven that the data does exist for this very broadcaster in other nearby zip codes. The data is there. I changed the zip code in my Tablo, and now it’s there. Yet somehow this is the broadcaster’s fault???

I think this is a result of inept technical support on Tablo’s part with a nice game of “Let’s Point The Finger” being played. It’s a shame.

I think this is a result of inept technical support on Tablo’s part with a nice game of “Let’s Point The Finger” being played. It’s a shame.

Tablo doesn’t maintain the guide data. It’s a third party. All they can do is report the error to the provider. So maybe the business relationship isn’t great, but it’s not an issue of competence.

The fault lays between Tablo (THEY picked the guide providrr) and the guide provider.

Somehow www.titantv.com always has it, And if you register you can apply national feeds to ANY channel number. They also have m.titantv.com

To answer your question, most of us are users, such as yourself that have had our Tablo a while. The @TabloTV and @TabloSupport are the company, which is based in Canada.

I’ve had it take 16 days once ticket is opened (new stations always appear on Friday and they are closed the weekend) to add GRIT to 54.2. It’s a national network, the same on all channels, so just apply it, like I did to Titan TV so at least I knew what was in, and did manual recordings.