Why no Programming Data for ME-TV?

@marsradio - Apologies that it’s taking so long to get this data. It usually doesn’t take this long, but when it does, it’s generally that the local affiliate is not being responsive to our guide data provider despite repeated requests. This is the case with your ticket and it sounds like that has been communicated to you.

@beastman has had some success in moving things along more quickly by contacting the local station directly so you may wish to try that while we continue to push on our side of the fence to get this resolved for you.

Please answer the question, which is WHY they can’t simply copy the network feed to the channel we say. Example METV to 7.4 for me…hope it doesn’t take 16 days like GRIT did.

@beastman - Sometimes it’s possible but other times it’s not, especially when it comes to local affiliates. We are following up on this today to see if it’s possible in this case and if so, why or why not.

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The other thing is it is always Friday after support closes that I learn of the new station. And once there was a holiday on Monday :frowning:

I expect to be submitting a couple of these myself. COZI TV just started broadcasting on a previously unused channel, and COMET TV is supposed to be broadcasting in my area, but has yet to show up. I periodically check with another antenna to see if any new channels have come online.

In addition to emailing the stations asking about the guide, I also search for guides online (besides TitanTV) and see if they have the new station. If not, I contact them asking. I figure the majority of guide providers all get the data from the same source, and if more are asking, it might be faster.