Why didn't my show record?

Once again this bug has hit me. The Tablo shows that Brooklyn Nine Nine is scheduled to be recording right now but it is not.

Well, scratch that. I am not currently receiving that station. Probably weather-related. So that may be why no recording is there.


That is exactly why.


That is exactly why.


Yeah. I contacted the station and their transmitter is running in a reduced capacity right now.

This just happened to me tonight. Everything was fine Monday and Tuesday as far as recording what was scheduled. Tonight I saw Ruth’s recording for modern family while I was on the guide but when I went into recordings it and arrow were missing. I looked under scheduled recordings and arrow was scheduled to record tonight. It has been working flawlessly since I bought it and I have plenty of space on my hard drive. Any help would be appreciated.

I have had some failed recording recently, but I think I found my issue. Maybe this will help others. The coaxial hookup between my antenna and Tablo had worked loose. Once I tightened it, I also had to unplug and replug the amplifier to fix the signal issues this was causing. I never would have thought that was the problem because I had so many successful recordings in between failures, but it looks like the loose connection caused a very intermittent issue until it got so loose that the issue became bigger.

@dvras - Glad you got it sorted out! Having a secure connection to the coax is important! 

Thanks for the advice. I checked all the connections this morning and they are all tight. Nothing physically changed from Tuesday night to Wednesday night.

@nealberg Let us know if this crops up again. We’re ironing out some some minor bugs for the next release, and we may have actually caught this one already.

Scandal was not showed as new tonight on citytv, had to select rec to record it.

It look like a error in the guide data

Some of my show are not getting recorded it gives show information but there is a line through the play button. do others have this problem.

Some of my show are not getting recorded it gives show information but there is a line through the play button. do others have this problem.

This could happen if your disk is misbehaving or if your signal isn’t strong enough (e.g. bad weather).  Recommend you contact TabloSupport.

@User51 Send us a note if you’re still having issues. You can also tap the failed recording to see an error message detailing why it failed.

I’m having this issue now only with my local news and Early Today on NBC. Everything else on scheduled recordings works fine. The recording tag in the listings is there but the shows don’t record. I changed the recording settings from Record New to Record All and STILL nothing.

Reset the recordings by removing the schedule and then selecting Record All. Seems to be working now.

I think you are describing the experience many of us had over the weekend, of shows that from all indication will be recorded, but do not. I’m sure all of America wept that we did not get to see the Cowboys come back with seven seconds on the clock . . . . . . .

BTW: not a Niners fan, but I live so close to the new Levi Stadium that I hear the fog horn when they score, which is not all that often.

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I want to add to this post because it happened to me last night (9/14/2015). I had “American Ninja Warrior” and “Penn and Teller Fool Us” scheduled to record. They did not show up under the Tablo Recordings section while they were suppose to be recording. So to see if the Tablo was actually recording them, one interesting thing I did is that last night (9/14/2015) was I went to the Tablo Live TV view, and in that view I saw both channels flashing red which indicated to me they were recording. I thought maybe they would show up under the Tablo Recordings section when they were finished. So this morning (9/15/2015) I checked again and they were still not underr the Tablo Recordings section. I tried rebooting both my Tablo and my phone as just something to try but they still didn’t show up. So now I’m really confused. Did the shows record and they are just not showing up under the Tablo Recordings section, or did they not record? Next week is a big week with all the fall T.V. premier shows. I’m not feeling to confident in my Tablo right now.

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Looks like Tablo tuned the 2 channels but didn’t record.

@snowcat I had record new checked and noticed some were not scheduled so changed to record all. What would be interesting is see if titan tv shows the shows as new. Check your scheduled and if not scheduled, check titantv. I still think they do a better job at the schedule than who was picked but unfortunately Titantv doesn’t work with Tablo. I have no idea who they use.

I had the same thing happening to me with American ninja warriors last night. It didn’t show in my recordings but had the orange corner in the live Tv screen. When i tried to play it from the live TV screen, it played fine and i was able to go back to the begining of the show 1hour30 earlier.

I also checked my storage data since i had nothing else recording or shcedule before tonight. I had 748gb left when i went to bed. When i woke up this morning, i had 743gb left. So I’m pretty sure that my show was recorded but that the icon hasn’t been created in the recording screen.

It happened wenesday night too when one of my show didn’t record. I set it to record the rerun that was airing on saturday. When i went to check saturday afternoon, the show was there with 2 recordings: the one from saturday and the one from wenesday i thought didn’t record. So again, i’m pretty sure it does record but fails to created the link in the recordings screen.

Thanks for the information. It would be nice if Tablo Support can comment and help with getting the recorded shows which are not displaying in the “recordings” section to start showing up.