Why can't I integrate my Tablo into Windows Media Player or XBMC?

I have gone from a Roku 3, to a unofficial Android TV box (GBox Q) and now back to my Windows 8.1 HTPC. I use Kodi (XBMC) 90% of the time. I have researched and found that he SiliconDust HDHomeRun EXTEND 2-Tuner Over-The-Air HD Streaming Media player does this. If you hook your antenna up to it, you can merge your OTA TV into Windows Media Center as “Live TV”.

I’ve been using my Tablo since they went on sale (pre-order) and I really like it. However, the apps (especially the Web app) leave little to be desired. And, since they don’t allow unofficial Android box’s to have access to their Android app, watching my Tablo isn’t possible. The Roku works (esp. the beta version) but again, I don’t use my Roku anymore. Nuvyyo has made improvements and I commend them for that. But it’s been EXTREMELY slow going and I’m really done with the web app as it never works for me. So I think Nuvyyo should look at allowing us to integrate the DVR into other apps like Kodi or Windows media center. Having everything in one app is so much better than having to exit one to enter another… and like I said, Nuvyyo’s web app sucks (have I made my point?). Please Nuvyyo, let us have full control of OUR recordings and our live TV. We should be able to do what we want with it since it is ours after all. If not, I’m seriously looking at replacing my Tablo with the HD Homerun Extend.
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  1. The Web app works great in the Chrome browser on my multiple computers, all PCs, no Macs. What are your issues?
  2. You can sideload the Android web app or the Android TV app on to your Android box. I side loaded the Android web app on my Fire TV long before it came out for the Fire TV - it worked great.
  3. When they release the API for the Tablo, some 3rd party developer will likely create an Add-On for Kodi to integrate the Tablo. Maybe you can write one when it comes out?
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I’m not sure why, but when I use the web app on my HTPC (8.1) it has issues finding my Tablo (same network).
And, it seems that once I’ve made the connection that every other time I go in I have to reconnect it.
And whenever I’ve tried to use it on my Android Phone (LG G3, Galaxy S3) it never seemed to work. I actually quite even trying on my phone. I’ve since stopped using the Gbox for a multitude of reasons that are not necessarily due to the Tablo app. Yes, I also side loaded the Tablo app onto it but It doesn’t work very well. Navigating the app with a remote proved useless and I hate having to swap between remote and keyboard. So you are right, it can be done but I wanted to make a point to Nuvyyo that officially it’s not supported. Which is another gripe. It can’t be that hard for Nuvyyo to port their brand new Nexus TV app to all Android TV boxes. If some dev can port it in his spare time, Nuvyyo can certainly spare some time to produce an app that works on all the Android boxes.
Finally, I don’t know enough about how to write apps or code to know how the HDhomerun does this. But in Windows Media Center you can search for the HDhomerun on your network. Then basically you use WMC as your TV guide. It shows current live TV and I believe anything you’ve recorded. I’m sure the reason the Nuvyyo has NOT allowed this is due to the fact that they are selling their guide service and don’t want to make it easy for use to use WMC (which from what I’ve seen blows Nuvyyo UI away oh and is FREE!) over theirs. That kind of marketing irritates me to death.

Which browser have you been using on your HTPC? Chrome and Firefox seem to both work well.

Windows Media Center is going away with Windows 10.

I use Chrome 100% of the time on everything I use

Chrome works great for me. The one advantage Firefox has is that you can see all your schedules, while Chrome will only show schedules that have episodes airing in the next two weeks. You might want to try it to see if there is any improvement with connectivity.

Thanks for the info, however my entire point to this is to merge my TV into one place. I don’t want to add a second browser just to correct Nuvyyo’s shortcomings in their web app. The product has been out for what…14 months? I think it’s time they produce some real breakthroughs regarding their apps. The beta one on the Roku is very nice. But at the rate they’re going we won’t see one like that on Windows or Android TV for another year of so if at all. It’s things like having to delete recordings one at a time. ARE YOU F’n KIDDING ME? How hard is it to modify it to allow you to delete a complete program. I use the Tablo to watch the news that equals about 95% of my usage. If I set it up to record it on two channels, after a few weeks there are a tone of episodes. It’s stuff like this that drives me nutty. I put a request in for this feature over a year ago. NOTHING has happened. I’d really like to be able to access my recorded content and live TV through my network on anything I want. It’s that simple

The main reason I HATE Apple is because they produce an ecosystem and then lock it up so tight that you can only do it their way. Nuvyyo has designed a VERY nice product but they control every aspect of how it’s used. like the Android apps or not being able to find the media on my network.
The main reason Android is kicking Apples ass worldwide is because of their open source policy. I hope Nuvyyo doesn’t chose Apples closed minded business model. Please adopt the open source model and let us use our data how we see fit.

@dbow32 - We’ll be adding bulk delete within the month.

I’m not sure specifically what other issues you’re seeing with the web app but @TabloSupport would be happy to help you troubleshoot.


Is this a bug or intended difference between the my.tablotv.com website in Chrome and Firefox?

I doubt it was intentional. It’s probably just how the browser interprets the code that displays the schedules.

On my Android players I use the Android Tablo app. Works “well” (channel surfing sucks). What works better is to run the digital antenna right to the TVs. I just unplugged Rogers, and use the same coax distribution for the aerial.

I would +1 a Kodi plugin though. That would score Spousal Approval points.

I have tried the App and web app on Windows 7, Apple OS X, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Android 4.4.

The Apps work on everything they support. The browser app works on everything else - except Linux. It wants to load an Adobe product. Very uncool. Just gave me an idea for a feature request…

Windows media center is going out the door. It will no longer be included in windows with windows 10. This is 90% of the reason I decided to get a tablo.

I do understand that WMC is not supported in the new Windows 10. However, the HDHomerun is visible in Kodi under UPnP which makes it able to be integrated into Kodi. They don’t have to create a addon or new app. It’s so simple and strait forward. Do a search on YouTube for setting up HDHomerun in Kodi and watch for yourself https://goo.gl/W2dSul. It just finds the HDHomerun. Tablo can do this I’m sure of it.

Tablo can do whatever they want and likely will add Kodi later on. But many of us do not use Kodi (I do), so the features and updates for the majority wins.

They have a lot to fix before moving on to other clients. Roku reboots, Fire TV stuttering, Tablo Connect without pairing, mass delete, sorting options. All more important as those devices that run Kodi can most likely access the Tablo through one of the native Tablo apps.

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I agree with the above list of fixes taking priority over a Kodi plug-in. If one wishes to use Kodi as a PVR front end, there are already multiple backend options, most of which perform better (channel changing time) and have a larger feature set. While I’d still like to see Tablo release a Kodi PVR add-on, I don’t see this being a high priority or creating new sales.

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I agree there are a lot of items they need to address. This post isn’t a debate as to what ones take the higher priority. It’s simply to voice my opinion to Nuvyyo to let them know that the need is there. I decided today to buy the HDHomerun Extend. Next week they are releasing a new app for Kodi that will allow you to find, watch and record all you OTA TV right in Kodi. The only thing I don’t like about it is they only offer a two tuner model. So, if it works as I think it will my 4 tuner Tablo will be put up for sale. Tablo has a VERY nice setup and I commend them for their efforts, but I think their lack of progress over the past 12-14 months has been disappointing. I have a fundamental disagreement in their business model. They started the business thinking about using a iPad as a remote to watch OTA TV. Personally I have two Chromecasts that NEVER get used. I simply hate having to pick up my phone or tablet, unlock it, open the app, and then try to change the channel or adjust anything. I don’t watch TV on my mobile devices very often. When I do watch, I sit down to a very large screen. I want a physical remote to operate my TV not my phone. I think they underestimated the customer base and what they needed in order to hit the sweet spot. They hired Android developer(s) after they release the Tablo and have been fighting to catch up. All those issues we agree that need to be fixed are a result of them going to market before they were ready and/or that they are just too small of a group to get the job done in a reasonable time frame. Or, they misjudged what their customer base wanted. Either way, I think down the road this will (or could be) be the best on the market. But in my opinion, they need to fig. out how to do what SiliconDust has done with the HDHomerun. We will see

No doubt in my mind that Nuvyyo misunderstood how the public would use their device. As did SimpleTV. In both cases tv based devices (even the roku) were almost an after-thought. I mean both Tablo and SimpelTV started out with extremely basic roku channels but at least Nuvyyo learned that it was important to put some focus on some signifcant updates to their roku channel and they added Fire TV support…

The comment about the lack of progress is a bit surprising. Wasn’t it only a few months ago that the roku channel was significantly improved? Nuvyyo obvously decided to throw some resources to tv based solutions.

The concept of people watching tv on their tablet and whatnot devices is neat but the reality is…we like big screens. A 7 or 10" tablet isn’t going to do. I am pretty sure Nuvyyo knows that now.

Edit: just so I don’t sound too much like a tablo fanboy… Nuvyyo has a long way to go but to suggest a lack of progress isn’t fair IMO.

To be realistic as well, the main stream consumer does not know what Kodi is nor how to set it up. Us, tech savvy individuals, are keen on using it. Installing Kodi on set top devices that connect to your HDTV is not very simple, and just adds another layer of complexity to the whole Tablo setup process.

So this is why it likely is not a priority.


Ok, when I said “lack of progress” I was talking about issues like having to delete each program one at a time. It just can NOT be that hard to fix it so I can delete all episodes. I asked Tech Services for that well over a year ago. I actually gave Nuvyyo credit for the new Roku app, even though it’s been out in beta for a few months. Either way it’s shows that they are working on it.
So I did order the HDHomerun Extend and should actually have it today. I will set it up and try it out. If it works like I think I will be selling my 4 tuner Tablo, So if anyone out there is interested shoot me a email ( dbow32sl@gmail.com ) in a few weeks.
What I’m asking Nuvyyo to do is make the software UPnP compatible. That way the recorded and live TV is accessible on more devices AND accessible on my network. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Let me also add on here that Nuvyyo has done an AWESOME job with the Tablo. I’m amazed at how well it works on my Roku and how fast it is. I really like the Android app on my Nexus 7 (the few times I’ve looked at it). The new Roku is very promising and even in beta looks to be one of the best designed app on Roku. I don’t want everyone to think I’m just here to bitch and moan. There are a lot of good things to say about what they are doing. I can only see the “Cable cutters” growing and companies like this getting better and better. That’s why I wanted to post this to Nuvyyo so they have a better idea of what their costumers want to see in their product.