Why can't I access my tablo directly inside of my lan?

I’m using a VPN on my Macs (I have three Macs). Each Mac is running it’s own instance of a VPN client.
The VPNs are fully routed.

Now here’s where things get STUPID. I have multiple devices of all sorts on my lan. I can access ALL OF THEM by going directly to their IP address such as 192.168.xxx.xxx… BUT NOT THE TABLO…

The only device I can not access directly within my lan by going to it’s IP address is the tablo. :unamused:

When I attempt to go to it’s internal IP address all I get is a white page with the text “Nuvyyo Tablo Server” in big black text.

When I attempt to access the tablo device by the STUPID EXTERNAL ADDRESS of my.tablotv.com a page comes up saying it can’t find it, saying “A connection to your Tablo could not be established. Please check your internet connection.”

Also to note, everything I have is hardwired. I don’t use WIFI except for things that have no ethernet connection.
I don’t like WIFI, I don’t trust WIFI, WIFI is slow and it’s crap in general. So yeah, my tablo tuner is hardwired.

WHY can’t I access MY hardware, that I bought and paid for and is MY PROPERTY directly by local IP address?
WHY is my hardware that belongs to me, that I bought and paid for only accessible by going through an external website?

I do not want my hardware accessible outside of my lan, ever. There is no need at all for that, I will never have a need to watch TV outside of my house. This BS about the mandatory access via an external .com address SUCKS.

Why can’t I access it by my local IP address when I can do exactly that with anything else on my lan?
My VPN has no problem at all connecting to things locally except the tablo.

There’s no way in h*ll I’m going to set the tablo up for external access, that’s just not gonna happen.
I’m really freaking mad that I can only access it by going to an external .com address. That’s BS !!

Another extreme annoyance I am having is that it goes WEEKS without recording things!
I’ve set it up to record the local news every evening. It rarely does. Every once in a while it will record but usually not.
I’ve also set it up to record an old TV show from MeTV. The show comes on every night but there are a LOT of missing episodes where the machine just doesn’t record for days or even weeks at a time.

I’ve disabled the option to skip duplicates as well as the record only new episodes (the show isn’t new, it’s 60+ years old.)

When watching the local news it shows that it’s recording but I can go back later in the evening after I’ve watched all the local news programs and none of them recorded even though it indicated that it was recording them.
The disk is a brand new 4tb disk and there is 3.66tb free so it’s very, very far from full.

There’s no freaking log file that I can find that would give me any indication of what might be going wrong.
I’m really mad that this device that belongs to be is locked down into idiot mode and made completely dependent upon external services for something that should never have to connect to the outside world.

I’m not going to turn off my VPN every time I need to access this thing and there’s no way I’m going to make it accessible to the outside world as it suggests that I do.

Someone please tell me how I can gain access to this device locally and have more control over it and a way to get inside and figure out what is going wrong with the vaporizing recordings !!

Have you contacted @TabloSupport about any of this? Granted some of the things are just the way Tablo works but some of your issues are not “right” (i.e. shows consistently not recording) and could have any one of a number of causes and Tablo Support could likely help figure them out.

Heck, with your specific configuration it may just be that Tablo isn’t the best solution.

I see you posted some of the same concerns last August. Are you expecting some of the fundamental design of the product to have changed since then? If you are unhappy with the design and use cases/limitations of the Tablo why not just get one of the other multiple DVR devices available that better suits your needs and restrictions?

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"Now here’s where things get STUPID. I have multiple devices of all
sorts on my lan. I can access ALL OF THEM by going directly to their IP
address such as 192.168.xxx.xxx… BUT NOT THE TABLO…

The only device I can not access directly within my lan by going to it’s IP address is the tablo.

When I attempt to go to it’s internal IP address all I get is a white
page with the text “Nuvyyo Tablo Server” in big black text."

Well I guess you are directly accessing the tablo. But not speaking the proper protocol.

You have a lot of issues. Some of them centers around the design of Tablo and how it sets itself up to be accessible. I doubt that Tablo will change it just to satisfy YOUR requirements if it doesn’t bother the other users of their device.

In the quoted part about not recording the local news, This may be a guide issue. I have had similar and had to resort to “record all” to get the news recorded consistently (repeats on the same day and all).

Other than that, perhaps you should investigate an alternative before your return period expires.

Plex and HDHomerun comes to mind. They are very customizable and Plex is even open source so you can make whatever modifications you require. Good luck!

Given the fantastic amount of tin foil lining this guy’s house, I would suspect that Plex is not going to be an option due to his extreme viewpoints.

Edit: Yep – nailed it. Check out post from August where this same rant was brought up.

Why are you running a VPN on your local LAN? What network are you connecting to via the VPN? Where’s the VPN server?

The “my.tablotv.com” address is used to load the web (html/javascript) client into the browser of the client computer. Once the app is loaded it connects to the Tablo device over the LAN. The problem is that since you’re using a VPN, you’re on a different network than the Tablo. That’s why you’re having issues.

I just read that post, which answers some of the questions in my previous post.

I don’t understand why he doesn’t simplify his life and run the VPN client in his router, which would hide ALL of his devices from his ISP. And save him from the issues he’s having communicating with his Tablo.

Now I just want to send him an Amazon Dot. That would be a fun rant to read regarding the Gub’ment recording your conversations. :slight_smile:

The idea that you can just enter (I assume into a browser) the IP address to any LAN connected device and have total access is rather extreme. If the IP address was to an Oracle Database server, I don’t think it would just let you in to do whatever you want.

Any device, yeah that’s extreme. But the fact that you can’t do it with the Tablo was a specific design decision of the developer. They could certainly change the code so that it caches the current web app on the local device. In which can you could go to a local LAN URL and it would work.

That’s been brought up before in the Feature Requests forum.

tablo has been trying to move their apps away from being HTML based for quite awhile, I don’t see a tablo also including an html server. The industry has been moving to cloud based apps.

But you never know. The next tablo firmware update may include an Apache Web Server

You should get Dual Ethernet ports for all your computers - pretty standard on new high end PCs today. One for your VPN, one for the local network for the Tablo.

It’s already got an HTTP server. That’a how all the extraction apps work. And they’re going to have to keep the web app if they’re going to continue supporting web browsers as clients.

You might remember tablo’s response:

I’ll assume that they would prefer a cloud app so that when a HTML/app update or new feature occurs, instead of having to update 50,000 user units they only need to update the cloud. Plus many of the skinny WEB servers don’t have all the features. These features take memory, cpu, etc. The tablo unit isn’t a massive state of the art blade server.

It checks in for guide data every night anyway. Downloading the web app at that time would be pretty easy.

It isn’t extreme to enter the IP address. Especially your local LAN.
That is how the Internet works. The names we use exist so we can remember the link.
The internet does a lookup of the name and sends the request to the IP address.

Some time ago ( a couple of years?) I could connect my computer directly the the Tablo by entering the local IP address. It gave me a screen with the all shows available. Click on one and watch.

Since then that ability has been turned off.
When I try it now I get a web page (!!!) that says " Nuvyyo Tablo Server" and that is it.

So, I connect to the tablo but the tablo doesn’t allow viewing the shows.

Tablo could turn it back on but apparently don’t want to bother

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Hmmm, on mine…
… displays this:



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Using a different port :8885 you can get some information (note: it’s in JSON format, firefox will format it in a readable format) I suspect 8885 is stored locally on the tablo, while 18080 is the drive. But this is speculation and the may be even more complicated.

Of course tablo.lan works on my network, you’ll have to substitute your own IP

Drive info http://tablo.lan:8885/server/harddrives

Tuner activity http://tablo.lan:8885/server/tuners

Here’s where it get’s complicated, it’s not really something you’d do manually - regularly
and you get a list to copy and past to get info about each “series” you have recorded.

You can add the numbers, recid, from your /pvr listing to this and get episode info

I’ll add and