Why 2 apps in the Apple App Store?

See screenshot. There are 2 apps in the Canadian Apple App Store. Tablo Web App is version 1.8.0 and the Tablo app is version 1.7.1 - why 2 different apps?

If you tap on ‘Filters’ in the top left, are you looking at ‘iPad and iPhone’ apps? If so, it’ll display them separately. iPadOS is launching a little later than iOS 13 - so for now there will be version number difference while we wait for the update to be approved.

Thanks! I only asked cause I thought the iPhone and iPad app were one. There used to be an OG iPad app but that was replaced with the web app.

That has now changed?

Another question, I am using the OG iPad Air which won’t get the iPadOS update, it will stay on iOS 12.4.1 - so will the future iPad app be backwards compatible with older iOS versions?


We still support iOS 12 but not iOS 11 & older…

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