Which Seagate Hard Drive are you recommending?

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But WHAT was changed in the newer model and will it still be flawless? Companies have been know to change chips in new versions. I got the same version.

Which version did you get & how well is it working? I’ll be placing an order with Amazon…

Agreed @beastman - We’re always very careful to test everything.

For example, there was a Seagate drive we used to recommend and then they changed the USB cable to one that was very flimsy and caused a lot of problems.

There are lots of great drives out there, but not all drives have the connection quality required to be used for DVR situations.

We have updated our hard drive suggestions blog with details that work w/ the latest firmware: https://www.tablotv.com/blog/tablo-usb-hard-drive-specifications-suggestions/

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I got the one they tested. I got THE SAME model, which is Seagate Expansion USB 3.0 5TB Desktop External Hard Drive (STBV5000100). I did NOT get the new model.

Thanks beastman!