Where can I buy a power plug?

I bought a used tablo and it came with no power plug where can i get one?

There’s a link in that thread to purchase a power supply for the 4 tuner model. If it’s a 2 tuner it won’t be much help because in that thread tablo stated that they are different.

Its a 2 tuner

Sorry, I’m not sure then. Maybe @TabloSupport will be able to post a link on here for your 2 tuner. You could also submit a support ticket with them. They’re pretty quick with the responses.

I am not at home so cannot look at my Tablo but it should have a label on it with info something like (18W 12V@1.5A). Any power supply that matches what is on the Tablo label should work.

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@kingfish600 - I’ve confirmed with the team that the link @KyleR shared will also work for the 2-Tuner.

Thank you I unpluged my tablo 4 tuner this morning and pluged the 2 tuner with the plug and it is working fine. I’ll take a look at your link for the4 tuner.

The model number on my power plug from my 4 tuner tablo was adapter tech std-12020u Hope it helps someone.