What happens if I don't purchase a subscription?

I’m a new Tablo user – just set it up for the first time today. So now I’m reading that there’s a subscription. What happens if I don’t sign up and the 30-day free trial expires? Does my Tablo stop working?

No, it will continue to work, you just get a short term 1 day guide instead of the long term guide.

With that said, being able to see “out” more than a day, is a pretty nice thing.

Which Tablo do you have? Do you have one of the HDMI units?


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The box says it’s a Tablo QUAD, model #TQNS4B-02-CN. We’ll probably wait and see how difficult it is after the 30 days expire.

I inspected the box carefully just now, and I found where it says in very tiny type: “Some features require a subscription.” I wish they’d included more detail.

Already mentioned, but you want to see the full list of features that disappear here: Tablo TV Guide Data Subscriptions | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

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I had come across this article some time ago, I have no connection nor any confirmation/denial to it’s authenticity, one persons account -

:smiley: Thank you, everyone! Based on your helpful information, we’ve decided to sign up for a monthly subscription. I’m sure it will be useful and enjoyable.

I’ve been without a subscription, mostly, for a year or two. The live TV works great. You can’t really set up a series to record with the offerings like skipping duplicates, but you can set up recordings in the morning to happen later in the day. You can only see about 24-28 hours ahead in the guide. You can’t watch outside your local network (no streaming to your phone away from home).

It works for me most of the time, though I often buy a subscription during football season, and sometimes during the NBA playoffs. If you record a lot of series I’d get the subscription, but it works reasonably well - just not awesome - without it.


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