What happened to "Most Recent" under "Recordings"?

I noticed last month that when accessing my recordings via a web browser on my computer that the “Most Recent” option is missing. I’d really like that back, instead of having to now search through my hundreds of recordings to find what was most recently recorded.

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See posting Tablo Web App Update (v. 1.9.29)
They removed it with a recent update.

Removed due to the (well known (for years, 7+?) planned deprecation) removal of WebSQL (just saying).

Thanks for the link on that. Now let’s see if someone can figure out how to get the feature back via some other mechanism. That was a rather important feature to me.

Losing the ability to sort recordings by most recent on the web app and the windows app has severely affected the usability of TABLO for me. My main interface to watching video is via computer.


This post is March 26, 2023?
Guess we have to wait or accept that the “recent” pick will not be there. Important for me as well as I used Tablo mostly for the latest news and sports.