What happened Tablo? Constant buffering

As of today, I can’t watch a single show on my Tablo without it buffering every five seconds or so. I’m so tired of having issues with this thing. I can watch everything else through every other way just fine (OTA, SlingTV through Roku, FireTV, etc) . The only thing I can’t do is watch my shows from my Tablo!!! I’ve restarted router and cable modem and that doesn’t matter. I’ve been wireless from the start and never had any issues. Since I’m able to still access everything else wirelessly that’s not the issue. It’s always the Tablo that’s the issue every time something goes wrong. I already have to put up with the damned awful slow interface and the sorely lacking new interface that can’t even sort most recently recorded shows. And now this??? I’m ready to just say enough already. It’s almost as bad as owning an HDHomerun device. Is there any company out there that can get this right? Sorry for the mega paragraph but I’m so tired of this working the way it does. And tonight is last straw.

Edit - no buffering on FireTV so whatever you guys did with roku didn’t work. Which sucks for me because I have to use the crappy interface on FireTV that can’t sort by date added because you don’t think it’s important. I still don’t have the ability to record by show on a particular channel. Unacceptable! I’m just so frustrated with your company and all of your shortcomings right now.

  1. Hard wire the Tablo.
  2. Put Roku on 5 GHz wireless N band.
  3. If you’re ready to give up, return it.
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How full is your hard drive? That might be an issue. If it is close to being full, try deleting some shows and see if it helps.

Hard wiring my Tablo isn’t the answer. It’s been wireless since the start and no issues with buffering. Until yesterday. But everything else is also wireless so hard wiring isn’t the issues. I can stream SlingTV just fine on the Roku along with everything else. Only the Tablo is buffering.

Edit - I realize you might be thinking I’m a little witchy with my post but I’m tired of this thing and it’s quirks. It’s so close to being perfect it’s frustrating. I’m not a noob. Nothing has changed on my network. But thank you for thinking I am.

I have a 2tb drive that’s never had an issue. It was bought brand new for the Tablo. When I came across the stats a few days ago I think it was 5% full.

Lori, is it doing it on a PC and/or smartphone, or only to streaming devices on your TV?

The best suggestion is to start a trouble ticket with Tablo Support. They can look at your logs and see if something weird is there. It’s possible that your Tablo has developed an issue in the last week and needs to be replaced. It is unusual to see a Tablo work fine for months and then just stop working correctly.

I think that it might be an antenna problem. As you say, the networking part of things is working fine for other devices, and it used to work for Tablo as well. If you haven’t changed anything, then I doubt that networking is the issue. Of course sometimes network parameters change without our knowing so it is worth a look-see.

It is summertime here in North America. Leaves are on the trees, the air is more humid, Nighttime comes later etc. All of these affect the signal quality. Is it possible that your signal is not as good in the summer? That could explain the buffering issues.

I never watch on my computer and rarely on my tablet. It’s happening while watching on my TV. I usually watch using Roku because that’s the only way I have to sort my programs by most recently recorded. I tried using the new sucky app on Roku and I still get the constant buffering issues. Using the new sucky app on FireTV I don’t have the buffering issues. So there’s obviously something they did with the Roku that’s messed it up. But I hate using this new app where I can’t sort. And I’d rather use my Roku like I’ve been doing.

Again, I’m sorry for being upset. I’m just frustrated to have spent all this money and things keep going wrong. I just want the thing to work and stay working correctly.

It is not an antenna problem. I’m just wow at so many people treating me like I’m stupid. I’m not new to computers, networks, media solutions etc. The fact I’m even being treated like this is making me laugh. Laughing while being so frustrated I want to scream. It’s such a lovely feeling.

Sounds like you should open a ticket. Many others are using the product without the problems that you are having. So buffering is not to be expected. The Tablo folks hopefully can diagnose the problem.


Frustrating to be sure. Definitely open a ticket and/or somehow get @TabloSupport attention and they should be able to help.

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I’m sorry if I offended you Lori; it was not my intent to do so.

I was only relaying my experience. I receive OTA signals from Columbus and Dayton, OH. With the advent of summer, my Dayton channels are pretty flaky and I get a good bit of buffering on them.

I hope you get it all sorted out. I’ll say the same as others–open a ticket with Tabo Support. I’ve needed to do so three times already (all for guide issues) and I have found them very responsive. Good luck!

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Nah, I’m sorry for being so rash. But it’s been summer here for awhile (basically) as I’m in Houston. I’m about 35 miles out from the stations LOS. Haven’t had an issue with my antenna. I barely get a blip in the worst of storms. No trees around. I guess I’ll open a ticket. I’m just kinda tired of dealing with these weird things. Thanks all.

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Yes it is very odd that you were all good and now are having problems, but a pure WiFi setup can be prone to all kinds of issues that can just crop up out of nowhere. There are a ton of threads on the forums here about issues with double WiFi causing buffering problems - most solved by hard wiring the Tablo and / or upgrading their router so the front end clients can use the new faster Wireless N 5 GHz band.

  1. What is the make and model of your router?
  2. What recording quality do you have the Tablo set to? Try 720p Roku / Chromecast - that setting was purposely created for WiFi streaming.
  3. If you rather not troubleshoot this with us, that’s fine. But you’ll have to accept the new status quo.

I don’t know if there are many people as dumb as me, but here’s what I once did:
I thought it was a good idea to have my 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz named the same.
Once I made them unique names, most of my WiFi problems went away.

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That doesn’t mean hard wiring won’t resolve the issue. Wireless devices work on various wireless channels. If a neighbor installed a wireless device recently, and it is on the same channel as your Tablo, then that can cause wireless issues. Even getting a new Microwave could cause wireless issues. So just saying it worked before does not mean that isn’t the issue.


I have a Roku 3 and a Fire Stick. On the TV with the Fire Stick, I’ve been unable to really use Tablo from the constant buffering. This started a few days ago, maybe 5.

Today, I moved my Tablo set up to a different location and got everything re-running pretty quick. The rescan went well, but now my Roku 3 is going through a number of buffering issues. It seems to have improved in the past half hour, so maybe it just needed time after set up. I’m using Ethernet adapters and didn’t have the one connected to Tablo direct in a socket, but in a strip. In a few days I’ll get a longer Ethernet cable to allow direct connection.

Your post made me wonder if it was my move or if there was a problem with the device. I hope the issue with Fire Stick resolves. Everything else runs well on that except Tablo. It’s constantly buffering.

Just to follow up today, I powered everything down from tablo to router to modem to Roku and then turned them back on and things are working fine again. I should have done that last night but between the flooding and the news and the frustration of yet another weird thing with tablo going on, I was beyond frustrated. I’m glad I’ve got it going right with the Roku again.

But I will stand by my frustration with the crappy way I can’t watch most recently recorded programming using the new updates on Fire and Roku apps. Anyway, I wanted to come back and update. Thanks all!

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I’m glad to hear you got it working. @LoriM

How is the signal if you connect the antenna from Tablo directly to the TV? Sun, weather, wind, lighting, new neighbor using radio (CB, Ham, commercial), new neighbor using cellphone? Even a person standing next to the antenna indoors affects the signal. As I work away the channel goes. I finally got the bedroom tv antenna where it needs to be (old school rabbit ears…NOT an indoor HD antenna).