What happened Tablo? Constant buffering

@beastman My antenna is a DB-8 array mounted on my roof. I’m roughly 50-60 miles from the broadcast towers, with all sorts of obstructions in between. My signal from Columbus is really pretty good with this setup, while my signal from Dayton is spotty in the summer. I think this is because my Dayton signal is actually a multi-path skip from a nearby water tower. It is strong enough that I get a decent signal from there in the winter.

It is not really an issue since I get the same network content from Columbus and Dayton.

Thanks for asking though.

Happy to hear that things have smoothed out @LoriM - my apologies for being late to arrive.

If this crops up again, please send us a ticket directly and we can work together to get things up and running!

I just had this problem too. I have a Roku 3 that kept buffering. I have my Roku and my tablo hard wired to my router. I tried rebooting the Roku and there was no difference. I then tried rebooting my tablo and it’s working fine now. I just thought I’d leave this here in case anyone else has this problem.

I was having a similar problem. I read this thread and decided my Roku may be too close to the Tablo (side by side and between Tablo/router signal path). My wifi router is in the next room.

I moved the Roku over a foot and up 3 feet on a shelve… Immediately buffering stopped. It’s good to know the reboot everything option worked for you too!