Weird digital noise in audio

When plaguing back a recording, we’ll occasionally we’ll get this weird ‘screechy’ digital noise in the audio.
I can’t really see any regularity to it nor can I reproduce it.
Any idea what causes this?
Here’s an example.


I am having the same issue. I came here looking for a solution. Have you had any success? From what I know of digital audio, it seems almost like it is playing back the audio at two different sample rates simultaneously. The regular audio is there, but then the noise is over top of it. It’s just irritating on speech, but it’s downright painful on applause. One bit of info I can add to the other post is that the bad sound is the same whether playing back on my Roku TV, my Win 7 pc or my Android phone.

Yeah, it doesn’t matter what device. I’ve come to find that it’s baked into the recording. I hear it on my Apple TV, web interface and iPhone.

zamboknee, there is a much longer thread about the problem here…

I had this issue as described above. How I just fixed it, was unplug the antenna that I use and then wait 30 seconds and plug it back in. I did this while the channel that was affected during live playback. The tablo was plugged in, the internet was connected, the hard drive was connect. All I did was un-connect the antenna and then reconnect it. This fixed the issue. I hope this helps.

I also have been having this issue off and on over the last year or so. Just assumed it would get fixed but sure enough it happened again yesterday. Kind of defeats the point of the entire device, and services like tv guide that I pay for when I can’t watch the content I record…

Searing for chirping you’ll find many others struggling with this to varying degrees. With just as many “I think” reasons and fixes. Often is seems too random to pinpoint a cause.