Weird chirping noise only in Tablo app watching Live TV (updated to include recorded shows too)

A problem came up yesterday. While watching live TV via Roku 1 there is an odd chirping noise coming from the TV. Doesn’t happen streaming anything else or watching direct from antenna or even watching a recording, just Live TV and we’re using the classic Tablo app for Roku. Any idea what in the Live stream from Tablo would cause that?

The original Tablo channel is acting pretty squirrely for me too since the 2.2.2 firmware update (no pun intended) I am seeing it drop to the Roku main menu quite often when trying to start the channel. This is on a Roku 3

Oh the joys of working for free and helping a start up troubleshoot all their issues.

I’m also experiencing a chirping noise on both the classic and new Tablo Roku channels. It is happening on live TV and recorded shows if recorded after the update to 2.2.2.

What TVs do you guys have?

Are you seeing this only at certain times during the playback?

The more info we have the better.

The one affected here is a Sony Bravia KDL-40BX420 and there isn’t any specific time. Totally random other than the fact that it’s only with Live TV. It’s happened watching a 720p channel as well as a 1080i channel and both were with Tablo recording set at 1080p. I downgraded that to 720p the other day but that did not improve things. It’s happening as I type this.

It is occurring on an Emerson, JVC, and Vizio (Roku stick, Roku 2, Roku 3) here. I’ve noticed it almost every time programming changes from a show to commercial and between commercials, but it also occurs less frequently during programming. I’m only seeing this on the Roku setups not iPad, web app, or PlexConnect.

I swapped out for another Roku 1 and the issue returned. I tried reconnecting the HDMI and switching HDMI1 for HDMI2 and tried a new HDMI cable but no change. Also moved the Roku farther away and it still beeps. So it’s only happening with this Sony Bravia and only happening with Tablo Live TV via the classic Roku Tablo channel. I deleted the preview channel until it’s ready so I can’t test it.

And it just happened to a Vizio E321MV watching Live TV on a 720p broadcast via Roku 1.

@Tablo TV: I was able to capture the “chirp” using my phone, but cannot upload the mp4 due to file extension limitations of the forum. I’ve also extracted the same frames directly from my Tablo to compare. Is there an FTP site or email address I can send the files to for your review?

@doubleTap I am not seeing this on my wired Roku 3, just my 1’s. Besides the Stick are your Rokus wired or wireless?

@mullermj all of my Rokus are wireless.

Is a chirp a bug or a bird?

Sounds like it’s only happening to wireless Roku devices

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@CraigRoyce it’s like a bird and bee combined. As an old radar tech, it sounds like the rf interference we caused on video tapes.

Was just told the chirping noise is now happening while watching a recorded show on the Roku 1. Still haven’t seen this on my hardwired Roku 3 though.

I can’t test wired vs wireless Roku, but I discover it only happens while using the Tablo app on my Rokus. There is no chirp if I use the Plex Tablo channel on Roku.

@doubletap - You can send it to

Are you guys hearing this during the program or commercials or both?

Here’s a link to a clip with an example of the ‘chirp’:

So I’m hearing it when it goes from a program to a commercial and vice versa. But it’s not every program to commercial or vice versa. It also just happened going from one commercial to the next. And I can rewind to the point I hear it and duplicate the noise every time.

And that clip from @doubleTap is the same sound I’m hearing. That is mid-commercial though.

I wish I could see what’s going on behind the scenes of the affected commercials to tell the difference for you.