Weird chirping noise only in Tablo app watching Live TV (updated to include recorded shows too)

And I just noticed sometimes it comes from the left speaker and other times the right speaker.

I can also confirm this behavior. Usually when changing to commercials. Happening on two different Roku 1s. Only after the update.

I don’t think I am friends with the 2.2.2 upgrade.

I have been getting this random chirping noise on my Roku 3 Model 4200 on Netflix as well.

After reading @theuser86 post I went searching and found this in an AVS forum:

"I have recently purchased a Denon AVR 4520, and I am getting this weird chirping noise when playing Netflix from my HTPC with DD+ It doesn’t happen when using stereo."

The posts refer to DD+ and bitrates. Anything in common with this situation?

And I believe theuser86 is wireless while my Roku 3 is hardwired and not experiencing this at all.

@theuser86 Can you recreate the chirp by rewinding to the point it makes the chirp?

And I’m messing with the sound settings on my TV…we’ll see.

Well changing sound settings did nothing. And I did learn the chirps happen to both Roku 1s on different TVs in the same spot of a program/commercial and can easily be recreated by rewinding.

I have not been able to get this to occur on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon so maybe @theuser86 can provide the details/conditions for his experience on at least Netflix.

I found an audio setting on Roku for Stereo or Auto DD. Default is Auto DD so I changed it to Stereo and so far so good…haven’t heard a chirp in about an hour on either Roku 1.

@mullermj- have you had the chirping since you changed this setting? I changed my audio setting from auto to stereo and the HDMI audio to PCM-Stereo and I’m still getting the chirp on live TV.

@doubleTap Sorry I didn’t update sooner but I did hear it again out of both TVs but only once all weekend. So maybe it’s something in the broadcast of the commercials?

I have had this exact same problem since the last update. Also it seems to be getting worse at times.
I have heard it streaming with the Roku and over my PC while watching live TV. Also my live TV listing is intermittent on the Roku. I’ve used 2 TVs and 2 Rokus. When streaming PLEX on noise at all. I have the noise recorded. I’m going to play it over my PC and sample it with Audacity.

Not sure how to change anything in the PC but changing audio in the Roku to Stereo caused the chirps, at least on Live TV for me, to drop down to just one occurrence all weekend on each TV. Way better than it was before. Still an annoying sound.

@TabloTV Please update when you can.

Hey all - sorry for the wait.

We’ve determined (or at least seen here with samples from a few of you) that this is only seen in the Roku video player. We’ve yet to see it reproduce on any other client/video player. Broadcasters have often left this kind of ‘chirp’ in their audio when switching to and from commercials.

We’re continuing to investigate if any of the changes in 2.2.2 load are responsible. In the meantime, if any of you can point to a specific timestamp, on a specific recording that exhibits this, let us know through a ticket. Please be sure to mention if you can get this to crop up in other video players/apps, too.

We can set up a remote session to your Tablo to grab it, so that we have more to test with.


Thanks and just to make sure we’re clear, you do understand this is
primarily with Live TV on mine, correct? I was only told of one occurrence
with a recorded show and it’s since been deleted. Please advise on your
plan to grab with this in mind.

Thanks for the update @TabloSupport!

I’d like to add that this chirp only appeared after the update to 2.2.2 on my Roku units (x3). I have been able to reduce the number of occurrences by setting the audio settings to stereo as per @mullermj suggestion.

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This also kicked up for us following the upgrade to 2.2.2. Multiple Roku’s (2, 3, stick) running “Beta” app. Mainly in live programming, but my wife now hearing it in recorded programs as well. Same sound as doubletap posted the link to.

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This Happens on my 2 Roku 1’s but my new Roku 2’s do not do it they are on Ethernet connection not wireless. I have 4 different brands of tv and the chirping follows the wireless Roku s regardless of tv. and the volume drops slightly after the chirp and builds back up.

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We hear it routinely (every 5 or 10 minutes) on our bedroom TV which is a wireless Roku 2. I have heard it only once on our Roku 2xs which is hard wired. We have never heard it on our Roku stick which we just replaced with a Roku 3 about 2 weeks ago. We have never heard it watching Netflix or Hulu. Only Tablo. And if we rewind Tablo, we will hear the chirp at the same place every time.

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Haven’t seen any updates here last few days. For us I can confirm it is only on our Roku 2 connected via wireless and running the Preview app. I had the same live channel running on our Roku 3 (also connected via wireless) and was not getting the chirping. The other thing I noticed is that is definitely occurring during program transitions, such as transition from one commercial to another.

Edit: setting the Roku audio to Stereo doesn’t seem to have stopped it.

I’d like to add that it stopped happening on my Roku sticks and started happening in Plex Tablo channel on Roku 2. I’m now wondering if the firmware update on Roku 2 is the culprit.

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it seems to happen mostly at the transition to a commercial, between commercials, or back to the show after a commercial. have not heard it on recordings at all. sometimes it’s a double or even triple chirp - those really wake you up if you’re watching late night shows.

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