Weird audio chirping noise with new Quad

Hello- There is an old thread addressing this but did not see a solution. Added a new QUAD to my system along with my older 4 tuner and all of a sudden we have this occasional chirping noise if there is a slight interruption in the live TV signal (pixelation) ONLY from the QUAD. The 4 tuner does not exhibit this when selected. They both run off the same splitter and reception for the most part is good to excellent. Both units are hardwired to a Netgear 8300 router along with a wired Roku3 4200X . All have dedicated IP. The Roku HDMI connects to a Sony KDL-55EX621 TV. Audio is handled via HDMI to a Sony Blu-Ray Surround System from the TV. Any thoughts would be appreciated- or do I open a ticket with support. Not sure if issue s ROKU3 or new QUAD?

Not sure if this is the issue, but in the Roku, while watching something, hit Option (*) then on the left look at Audio. If it says “Leveling”, try turning that off, and see if the problem goes away. If it does, you can turn it back on, but know that once in a while if you get sound anomalies you’ll have to turn it off and on again. This also fixes my lip sync issues. I believe it’s something to do with extra processing that the Roku does to the sound.

If that doesn’t fix it… then someone else will have to chime in :smiley:

Do you have surround sound turned on in Tablo? I’ve noticed an occasional chirping but only when that is on.

Option * only selects closed captioning on the Roku3?

Surround sound is off on both Tablos. ROKU3 has audio set as HDMI Auto-Detect. I wonder if some sort of messaging/signaling is not getting filtered somewhere in the signal chain. Turned Quad surround sound on and audio went off on the BluRay system and only TV speakers work. Changed back to original setup.

I’m not sure if this is related but one of my Rokus will occasionally have chirping and the chirping even exists when not using Tablo but just going through the Roku menus. I simply reboot the Roku and all returns to normal. This probably has happened 3 times in about 6 months and that particular Roku gets a lot of use, especially with Tablo.

I have experienced this chirping twice now with my Tablo dual lite. Only on a recording from our local NBC station. Playback had the chirping sound throughout the entire recording and was the same when played back on two different Roku devices (Roku Premiere and Roku Stick). The first time this happened was a few weeks ago and the second time was last night (April 6).
Has anyone else had this problem?

Still no solution. The chirping only occurs on my new QUAD and not my old 4-tuner. Both share the same antenna feed. We use the same ROKU-3 for both. All are hardwired via ethernet. The chirping occurs whenever there is a slight disturbance in the received signal. Probably some sort of artifact/sync issue when the signal breaks up.who knows. Duct tape wont fix it for sure.

If it’s an OTA signal issue, how about you don’t split the antenna feed to drive two Tablo units at the same time. Connect the antenna directly to your new Tablo QUAD. Should be a direct cable run, no couplers in line, no joiners, no splitters. Try it then and see how it goes.

Hi Bruce, I’ve had the identical problem twice over a period of the year, only with NBC Nightly News, never with local news. It must be something unique to the Nightly News broadcast