Weird audio chirping noise with new Quad

Hello- There is an old thread addressing this but did not see a solution. Added a new QUAD to my system along with my older 4 tuner and all of a sudden we have this occasional chirping noise if there is a slight interruption in the live TV signal (pixelation) ONLY from the QUAD. The 4 tuner does not exhibit this when selected. They both run off the same splitter and reception for the most part is good to excellent. Both units are hardwired to a Netgear 8300 router along with a wired Roku3 4200X . All have dedicated IP. The Roku HDMI connects to a Sony KDL-55EX621 TV. Audio is handled via HDMI to a Sony Blu-Ray Surround System from the TV. Any thoughts would be appreciated- or do I open a ticket with support. Not sure if issue s ROKU3 or new QUAD?

Not sure if this is the issue, but in the Roku, while watching something, hit Option (*) then on the left look at Audio. If it says “Leveling”, try turning that off, and see if the problem goes away. If it does, you can turn it back on, but know that once in a while if you get sound anomalies you’ll have to turn it off and on again. This also fixes my lip sync issues. I believe it’s something to do with extra processing that the Roku does to the sound.

If that doesn’t fix it… then someone else will have to chime in :smiley:

Do you have surround sound turned on in Tablo? I’ve noticed an occasional chirping but only when that is on.

Option * only selects closed captioning on the Roku3?

Surround sound is off on both Tablos. ROKU3 has audio set as HDMI Auto-Detect. I wonder if some sort of messaging/signaling is not getting filtered somewhere in the signal chain. Turned Quad surround sound on and audio went off on the BluRay system and only TV speakers work. Changed back to original setup.

I’m not sure if this is related but one of my Rokus will occasionally have chirping and the chirping even exists when not using Tablo but just going through the Roku menus. I simply reboot the Roku and all returns to normal. This probably has happened 3 times in about 6 months and that particular Roku gets a lot of use, especially with Tablo.

I have experienced this chirping twice now with my Tablo dual lite. Only on a recording from our local NBC station. Playback had the chirping sound throughout the entire recording and was the same when played back on two different Roku devices (Roku Premiere and Roku Stick). The first time this happened was a few weeks ago and the second time was last night (April 6).
Has anyone else had this problem?

Still no solution. The chirping only occurs on my new QUAD and not my old 4-tuner. Both share the same antenna feed. We use the same ROKU-3 for both. All are hardwired via ethernet. The chirping occurs whenever there is a slight disturbance in the received signal. Probably some sort of artifact/sync issue when the signal breaks up.who knows. Duct tape wont fix it for sure.

If it’s an OTA signal issue, how about you don’t split the antenna feed to drive two Tablo units at the same time. Connect the antenna directly to your new Tablo QUAD. Should be a direct cable run, no couplers in line, no joiners, no splitters. Try it then and see how it goes.

Hi Bruce, I’ve had the identical problem twice over a period of the year, only with NBC Nightly News, never with local news. It must be something unique to the Nightly News broadcast

I may be able to add some additional context to this. I got to this thread by searching for the chirping noise my Tablo Quad is making. It is NOT coming from or through the Roku. My Tablo is in another room because that’s where my wall antenna gets the best reception and it’s close to my Netgear Orbi satellite so it can use an Ethernet connection. The dang thing chirps when I first go into the Tablo app through the Roku (or at least the first time I access the drive, to delete a recording for example) and also when there is a bit of interference in the signal. Adjusting leveling or any other sound settings on the Roku, sound bar, etc will do nothing because this sound is coming from the Tablo itself. It’s easy for me to hear this because of the location of the Quad in relation to my TV setup.

I was hoping someone could tell me why it does this, but I’m guessing no one had found the answer.

Possibly a different problem. Or do others really have a chirping Tablo device (actual device is chirping not audio on a recording issue)? Edit: I mean not audio through the end device on playback coming through speakers.

I do notice a chirp in the audio when there is a bit of distortion, but it is also coming from the Tablo itself. It happens when there is no audio issue because I am just deleting a recording, not watching anything. It is absolutely coming from the Tablo itself.

Oh, and I forgot to mention why I finally decided to search for this today. I did an update to my channel lineup because one of my channels was having work done on the tower recently and wasn’t coming in clearly, so I rescanned. After I did a Save and Continue on the new lineup, as it was updating the guide, that’s when I heard the chirp from the Tablo itself - and I finally decided to search out why this was happening.

Any chance you can catch this on video and send this to our team?

Yes, I will try to catch it and send it along.

I’ll be sending this to the link provided, but for the OP - is this the same sound you are hearing? It’s around the 7 or 8 second mark of this video. I am controlling a Roku in a different room, and my phone is facing the Tablo (the TV behind the Tablo isn’t in the loop.) The sound happens when I delete a recording.

The chirp we get is different. It has lessened lately. The volume of the chirp is related to the volume setting of our surround sound system connected via the Roku/TV/Audio system. It occurs during momentary signal breakup. Have heard noise similar to yours from hard disk reading/writing on other systems.

I have this issue with my tablo dual lite and the only way I found to clear it is to rescan my channels. The chirping is both on live and recorded tv on all the channels I receive. All signals are all green and picture and sound are great except when chirping I also am using Roku but have logged in to tablo on my computer or tablet and heard it as well there. So really thinking it is tablo issue.

I have had a dual lite for 2 years without audio issues and today I started to hear chirping after I signed up for lifetime guide listings and commercial skip which I enabled. My first recording has chirping throughout the entire video. I disabled commercial skip and I hope that the chirping goes away.
Tablo Device: 2.2.30
HTML Application: 1.9.4 build 984 [202008181147]