Web App won't Sync after update last night

@Tablosupport http://beta.tablotv.com/ worked for me.

I have a Win8 64 notebook on wifi, google chrome to google cast extension


@Jay @SweetWater We managed to push out a fix last yesterday evening. 404’s shouldn’t be a problem anymore, thanks all!

I’ve been trying all evening to get my laptop to sync with Tablo. Works fine on my phone, so I can use that, but I really love to set recordings on my laptop. I’ve cleared the cache and started over and still it just syncs forever. The wierd thing is I tried it in Explorer which it said Tablo’s not compatible with and it connected and synced quickly. I really hate Explorer, but I’m pretty frustrated right now and may have to break down and use it.

@Sherylcat - did chrome use to work on your laptop and then stopped working? Or did it never work?

this sort of thing can often be traced back to extension conflicts,which is pretty impossible to predetermine since there are millions of combinations.