Web app loads but won't connect – CORS error

The web app was working earlier this week but now it won’t connect (the app loads but it just sits on the “connecting” spinner). I see this error in the console:

Access to XMLHttpRequest at '' from origin 'http://my.tablotv.com' has been blocked by CORS policy: The request client is not a secure context and the resource is in more-private address space `private`

Don’t tell me you are using chrome and got the Feb 6th update.

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OG user.

I couldn’t get Chrome (with requisite modes) or Firefox to connect browser wise for the Superbowl, but it did work Roku wise. After the game, I was able to login using both Chrome and Firefox.

IMHO, there’s still some issues with regards to running the business properly.

I started getting the CORS errors about a week ago.

My web app stopped working about a week ago, seems to be aligned with the update. The Tablo app also does not connect, but devices like Roku work just fine. Does not solve my need to connect on my PC via the web interface thought. Are they purposely deprecating this feature as they don’t support it on Gen 4, so this is a way to convince people to “upgrade” to Gen 4?

It’s working for me, but I have a customized setup and I’m not sure if I de-customized it fully (temporarily, of course) when I tried to test this.

Try using the Easy CORS extension.

Also Windows users, can use the Tablo app from the MS Store.

@zippy yes, I’m on Chrome. I keep my browser up to date but it is possible it was before Feb 6th that I last used the web app.

There was another issue a week or two ago where the web app wouldn’t load at all but that got fixed. If there is already another issue for this, can you point me to it to learn more?

@Joltarin thanks for the suggestion but I’m on Mac and I’m not excited about installing an extension that has access to every website I view.

[Update: I do see that it is working in Firefox and in Safari. I guess that is my fix for now]

CORS extension did not make any difference. The Tablo App also does not work.

This flag in Chrome did fix things for me (you have to get your Tablo’s ip from the console log errors) but I don’t think this is worth fixing it for Chrome (so long as it continues to work in Safari or Firefox):

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Just installed FireFox and it works fine. Why do we need to perform website roulette to find the one that works? Why is it so difficult for Tablo to make the Webapp work across the browsers? Why does it work on some, not others, and then why does the success rotate through the apps?

Chrome is tightening security around web apps talking to each other and around using non-https sites. CORS = Cross Origin Resource Sharing.

Firefox hasn’t tightened said security. There are fun conspiracy theories about this but I’d wager there are real reasons to do this and as Chrome is used by a lot more users, they did it. But Firefox is struggling to stop losing users and so they don’t want to give them a reason to switch browsers. But I don’t really know enough about CORS to have an opinion and this is all a wild guess.

I saw something about local database solutions too (web SQL vs indexDB) but I’m not entirely sure if that’s relevant.

So it isn’t totally Tablo’s fault. What is their fault is not investing eng time in keeping the web app working. I have no idea how hard it would be to fix things or how many users these issues impact. I fear it is costly and impacts few users.

Yeah with Gen 4 not supporting WebApp I feel that is another factor. I theorize they are looking to drop support for us legacy users.

I sort of wondered that the other day, until somebody showed me that current Tablo company is still selling the OG style devices.

It’s wise to be cautious. If you go into the details page for an extension you have installed, you can restrict it to only be enabled on domains that you add to an allow-list. (For Easy CORS, it’s “chrome://extensions/?id=gcdaaelgdlicnnichhholnoagafangej” – you probably will need to copy and paste the URL. Other Chromium-based browsers will redirect from “chrome://” to their own name.)

In this case it’s because Google decided to tighten security in Chrome (and other Chromium-based browsers). “Rotate”? Do you mean the web app not fully working in Firefox when it was first released?

But, if you noticed, they are only selling Dual Lites and no Quads. My guess is that they are just selling the stock they still had on order when Scripps decided to go a different way with the Gen 4 models or stock that was returned from Amazon and Best Buy when the new models came out.

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However, just the point that they are “selling”, even if old stock, means additional support lifespan. Comes with the territory.



Hi folks - CORS on Chrome 122 has indeed thrown a monkey wrench into the web app and Chrome is no longer accepting the exemptions that were keeping things going.

There is a potential workaround that we’re exploring, but until we can confirm/test/deploy that folks will need to use the Windows 10 app or an alternate browser.

More detail here:


The Windows 10 App does not work for me, same as Chrome. I had to switch to FireFox and it works. What can prevent the Windows app from not working? Same computer that is running FireFox.

Thanks for the details and effort to keep things working. I very much enjoy using the web app which has long been my primary way of using Tablo (over tablet apps and a Roku TV).