Weak signal strong area

why do i get such a weak signal in a strong area? I got the tablo to dump dish, and now I can’t get channels. I live in Anaheim, very close to LA, and the majority of the channels are weak through tablo, or don’t come in, is there any thing I can do? channels come in on direct connect, antenna to tv, can I strengthen Tablo?

Are you feeding both Tablo and TV at the same time through a splitter? Performance-wise a TV tuner is usually stronger than a Tablo’s. A splitter will lessen the signal going to the Tablo. If splitting the signal, might need a distribution amp instead of a splitter.

How far are you from the broadcast towers (check with TVFool). What antenna are you using? Where is it located around the house?

Are you aiming the antenna at Mount Wilson? How far are you from Mount Wilson? 25 to 30 miles? You might need an amplifier at that distance for the Tablo (and\or a stronger antenna).

You can check what others are using (and their experiences) in your area for OTA reception at AVS Forums:


Tuner efficiency and performance varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

In my experience I have found Tablo falls right in the middle compared to other TVs in my home.

LG has one of (if not the) best tuners out there, which makes sense when they actually own the ATSC reception patent. My Samsung, LG and one of my Vizio TVs all use LG tuners so they pick up a lot more than Tablo.

Other Vizio TVs with other brand tuners and all of my TCL pick up about the same as Tablo and other TVs (Westinghouse and other 3rd tier) pick up LESS channels.

Worth noting as well, depending on your Tablo model, the signal is being split to either 2 or 4 outputs which also reduces signal strength.

Bottom line, you can’t compare one TV to another, nor a TV to the Tablo, between variance in tuner brands and efficiency and the fact the Tablo has to split the signal, your requirements will vary.

Amplifiers, re-aiming or moving the antenna or a larger antenna… Will have to experiment.


BTW after the repack LA will have some lo-VHF stations (6 and below) thus making it more difficult to get some channels with normal antennas. Check the discussion of this topic (repack) at AVS Forums (LA OTA reception thread 2019 posts).


Where did you get the specs for this?

I think Tablo has explained that inside the Tablo there is a splitter for 2 channels, and 4 channel splitter for the 4 channel. No matter how the software will make up for the lost, the physic is telling that signal to each channel is weaker than a TV which only has one channel. That’s how I see it.

I found the answer, and it is working. Just have to figure out a better antenna. All local channels are coming in. Thanks

People here have had success with the Antop AT-401BV - several threads about this antenna here at this forum. If I needed a new antenna, this is the one I would get. Goes anywhere - inside, outside, attic, garden, porch, balcony, patio…

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Only works if you are living near the sources. People are living everywhere. You are lucky.

I have “Free Signal TV Marathon Indoor Outdoor Antenna”. Best one I can get.

The Marathon is essentially the same antenna as the Antop. Both are manufactured by the same company in China but have different distributers (brands) in the US and Canada. Almost same price. Internally they are both the same design, components and material (I have seen both inside when taken apart). Either one does well. Eaglestar was another brand from the same antenna type.

Thank you, I should have talked to you first. Marathon is around $150 each.

Splitters, 2-way, have a -3db rating, that’s not generally substantial for “strong area”. Tablo may amp that back up for electronic splitting across an electronic board for an negligible effect - except for fringe signals I suspect.

The statement referenced the “TV tuner” vs tablo’s tuner, not signal input.

I will attest to this. I have the AT-400BV and only have one Hi-VHF channel (NBC) that used to be a problem with my old Winegard. With the Antop I get a solid signal. UHF is child’s play for the Antop.

Yes, it is not the least expensive antenna out there, but it is worth the money and looks good too.

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djk44883, physic is physic, naturally, tablo’s tuner get less signal than TV tuner with same signal input.

(don’t disagree but…) Claims are it’s negligible https://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/articles/210429406-Troubleshooting-Reception-Issues

Receiving one or two channels on your TV, but not your Tablo:

The main difference between the Tablo and a traditional TV is that the Tablo has multiple tuners - so that you can watch and record multiple shows at once.

The drawback here is a small loss in DB when the signal is split. We use amplified splitting technology to mitigate for this loss, so it’s nearly negligible. In some rare cases, you could have one channel on your TV that doesn’t appear on the Tablo.

…just can anyone substantiate the tablo’s tuner is inferior?

Are proprietary patented TV tuners better than the Tablo? Likely. Not all TVs have those, but popular name brand ones do (of course).

Is this a problem? Not really. It’s like saying you’re going to chunk your BMW because it doesn’t seem as nice as the neighbor’s Lamborghini. Sorry, but that’s likely not going to change.

At the same time, you’re BMW is probably better than a Ford Fiesta.

Tablo is a BMW. Nothing to sneeze at tuner wise.

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Tablo’s tuner is BMW or the Tablo is BMW? The Tablo is BMW but its tuning is being beaten by a $30 box (Homeworx). That’s not BMW quality tuning. In fact I can present a non-TV tuner that beats the Tablo’s hands down - any Hauppauge model. Tablo’s tuninng performance is middle of the road.

Come down to Atlanta GA and I will present you with the evidence empirically by showing you the Tablo tuner at work, an LG, a Hauppauge and a Homeworx. By any criteria you choose - SNR, signal strength, duration without blips, number of channels detected etc. Not BMW tuning by any means. Proof is there. My LG can get a channel 57 miles away that the Tablo doesn’t even see. The LG is BMW. The Hauppauge is Lamborgini. Tablo tuning is a good Ford…

Well, there ya go. I guess this thread can be closed.

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Notwithstanding I still love my Tablo and would get another one when this one fails. My wife adores it and it was the final nail in the coffin for cable with her approval once she saw the Tablo at work. I recommend it to friends and family - several of them have bought one. It’s like voting for Trump - one can still see some flaws in the man but he’s the best option there is and he’s done very well :shushing_face: