Watching recorded show when internet is down?

Is there a way to watch previously recorded shows already on the Tablo when our Internet is down for maintenance or during storm power outages? Our internal network including the Tablo and TV is always available as we are on UPS backup power 24/7.

Yes. It works on all devices but web, Xbox, and SmartTv apps. You can watch live and recorded shows during an internet outage on all other apps.

Ah, I was trying to watch on my Samsung smarty pants tv. Thanks!

You are welcome. So you should be able to use your phone/tablet to watch the Tablo if you don’t have any other streaming devices.

A happy user of the Tabo Tools app reporting: The latest version of Tablo Tools has the ability to live play the channels on our Tablos (as well as play prior recordings) - so when the internet is down (blocking access to Nuvyyo’s servers) it is now still possible to play both recordings and live TV on our computers as long as Tablo Tools was installed before the internet went down.

Thank you Jesse!

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