Watching a show that's still recording

I’ve had my Tablo for 2 months now and am getting ready for the new prime time season. I was recording a show tonight and after it being over an hour into it I wanted to start watching it. So I went into my recordings and clicked WATCH and it took me to where it was live instead of starting at the beginning. I couldn’t rewind what I had recorded thus far I could only go back at 10 second intervals. But last month when the Olympics was on I recorded the prime time show every night and was able to start from the beginning while still recording and was able to fast forward and eventually catch up live. Has something changed?

Which device were you using?

I constantly have issues when resuming a recording of it starting from the beginning instead of giving me the option of resuming from where I left off, but never what you have described. I do, however, experience your problem with PS Vue.

Was using the Apple TV app. Tried the app on my iPhone too and got the same result.