Fast Forward/ Rewind not working after new September 2016 Apple TV update

All features of the Tablo are working on multiple tv’s, except for fast forward/ rewind during live programs. I have tried on multiple Apple TV’s and the problem is consistent with all devices. I’ve restarted the Tablo, Apple TVs and the network with no luck. I assume that it is an error due to the update, but if I’m missing something…please let me know.


Which Tablo firmware version?


Is a hard drive connected to your Tablo?

@Sommerfeld @Radojevic

This is currently a known issue. The TvOS update made some changes which have caused live seeking not to work correctly on the current firmware. We have a fix available included in a pending firmware update. A beta is available now.

If you’d like to participate in the beta, send our support team a note. We can send the beta directly to your Tablo along with the details.


Thank you, I have submitted a note with a request. Thanks for the quick response!!! :slight_smile:

Any idea when the updates will be available (not via beta)?

No ETA yet other than ‘soon’. We want to be thorough with our testing both in-house and in beta. We’ll continue to post updates on this as we move forward.

Do you have a revised ETA on when the Fast Forward/Rewind non-beta software update will be available. Walmart’s 90 return window closes on Oct 9.

With the fix being out…is the intended operation for the show to start at its “live” position if it is still being recorded.

Meaning, if I go into my recordings and select a show that is currently being recorded and select ‘watch/watch next’ should it start playing ‘live’?

This is how mine is currently working - while great that I can now rewind to the beginning, it kinda spoils sports when you start it and you immediately see the score of the game with 3 min left to go…(saved me a few hours of watching tv I guess…)

IMHO, live should be live. If you want to start at the beginning of something being recorded (still live), go to Recording and start from there.

Agree with you - thats what I’m saying - if I select a recording that is currently recording…it starts live, not at the beginning.

Is that how it is supposed to work?

@jbsmith_05 @cjcox

Playing live from the Live TV screen should bring you to the live position, but the Recordings screen should start playback at the beginning of the recording. This is another change as a result of the tvOS 10, which we’ve developed a work around for in our next app update.

Is this update available? I’m using AppleTV and rewind/forward are not working for me.



@Ian Yep, the 2.2.12 available now. Check the ‘About’ screen in the Apple TV app. If you’re not on this version, head over to to get the update.