Watch Tablo Connect on Fire TV

I have my Tablo in SC and I live in NC and just bought a Fire TV specifically so i can watch my Tablo but I cant get the app on Fire TV to get to another screen or whatever so i can tell the app my info.
CN someone or Tablo tell me a step by step directions for setting this up?

If you aren’t on the same network as your Tablo when you first use your FireTv, then it won’t work. It has to be paired first before being used remotely.

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Yes, sadly, the Fire TV - with or without you - must head north to the other Carolina to be paired. Note that if it is the latest generation Fire TV (“4K Ultra”, with a dongle) there is a hiccup in playing Tablo which requires a new firmware from Amazon, eagerly awaited but with no sign of it. (See this thread.)

However, if it is the earlier generation Fire TV (a box, not a dongle) or a Fire Stick it will not only work well with Tablo Connect, but I have found seems rock solid and never loses pairing (once done).

I don’t know about the TVs with Fire OS built in or newly planned in collaboration with Best Buy. These could have the working-well operating system/firmware or the newer, problematic software.

So, check before you make the trek to go pair, but if you have a workable Fire device, Remote Connect works great with it. I’m looking at a U.S. television program with my Fire Stick in the UK right now as I type away.

@TabloInTheCity Just out of curiosity. What’s your ISP upload speed and do you have a data cap (how much data does Tablo eat up when you stream outside your house)?

Only ask because I’ve had ATT internet for awhile but the upload speed is something like 2 Gbs/sec with a 1 TB data cap.

If I could, I would share my tablo with my parents (retired) who live less than 10 miles away. Thanks.

Hi KirkH. Upload is about 3 Gbps, but how much is needed really depends on what you choose as your Remote Streaming Quality in settings. We use 1 Mbps, which we find adequate for 720p playback TVs/monitors. If you want higher quality that would certainly require higher upload speeds and data availability. We are unlimited data, so don’t closely track consumption, but I would guess 1TB would not prove a problem unless your folks keep video playing most of the day.

Because we use a lot of Netflix, Amazon, etc., as well as home Plex library, we have no trouble using all the remote-connect Tablo we want and in the past six months we’ve fluctuated between 120MB and 150MB a month … and of course Netflix and Amazon are using data too. But Tablo at home uses no data - hurray! - and so a lot of our video consumption is data free. Our family collectively probably uses about 100-150 hours of Tablo remote connect and Netflix/Amazon streaming a month. Hope that helps a bit.

@TabloInTheCity Thanks for the info. I haven’t played with the remote viewing capability (I just watched Men Who Stare at Goats this week. Made me smirk. :slightly_smiling_face: ) of the Tablo, yet.

We’ve been running the tablo recordings at the recommended settings (720p - 5Mbps?).
We also use PS Vue, Netflix, etc. So, Our threshold on a monthly basis for the ISP data cap usually runs about 650 MBs (give or take) of the 1 TB.

My parents have been reluctant to cut the cord, so I might lend them my Roku Express+ (which I hardly use) for a few weeks to see if they enjoy the experience.

Again, thanks for the info!!!