Volume Extremely Low on new Amazon Fire TV Model any suggestions (old thread)

My new Amazon FireTV with 4K capability seems to have lower volume than the original model. When using the Tablo the volume at the maximum setting (100) on the Samsung 6840 LCD model is insufficent to hear anything. The audio is better using a Samsung soundbar but the setting is set at maximum and not very loud. Does anyone have a suggestion for some setting adjustment on the Tablo, Samsung TV or the FireTV that can make the recording comfortable heard?

Your TV probably has an auto volume mode, which doesn’t always work properly.
Auto volume mode is supposed to level out audio so commercials don’t make your ears bleed, but sometimes lowers the volume too much for regular programming.

Auto volume should be a selection in your TV’s audio preferences section.

Also, there might be an auto volume mode on the new Amazon FireTV that’s affecting your setup.
Check your FireTV’s audio preferences, too.

Welcome to my world! @TabloTV has said they can not just increase 3 dB in the recording process. It is thought by several members the low volume is introduced ed converting from broadcast AC3 sound. There are ways to increase the sound if you coy recordings off the Tablo. Hopefully @TabloTV will get the #TabloLowVolumeFeature fixed.

I got a new TV and it plays correctly.

Try to turn off the sound options on the TV.
for me surround sound off made a big difference. You?

I’ve noticed this lower sound issue as well. I’m not using my tv for volume as I have a receiver that I use for surround sound. I know Tablo does not support my setup but no matter what mode I switch my receiver to, the volume is really low.

Volume low here as well. HDMI connection from my TV to receiver. Tablo audio always turned up 30% more than other Apps on my Fire Stick.

Yes, makes it a PITA when i switch back n forth from Tablo to a streaming service. That is not often but I manage to forget the volume is way up and have to quickly turn it down before I blow the roof off the house.

Low sound is a feature always mentioned about Tablo. Some year @TabloSupport will get it fixed.

Low sound is something that “some” people experience. This is not a universal problem.

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With that said, maybe it is universal for FireTV users?? Anybody with Fire TV not experience the low volume problem?

never had a volume problem with either fire tv stick to fire tv box, and I have 3 tablos and more than a half dozen fire tv devices at two locations

I have both fire stick and apple tv4 both have low sound

I concur… we constantly have to raise my TV volume significantly with BOTH of my viewing devices: Amazon Fire Stick (2nd gen) and Roku 4.

From what I recall, Tablo has stated that they can either DOUBLE the volume OR leave the volume as-is. There isn’t any other option due to hardware limitations.

It seems to double the power would not blow anyone away. To double the volume might. Tablo Tech should clarify which they could accomplish.

One reference:


BTW, some A/V receiver/amps report volume levels in -db. If someone experiencing low volume with the Tablo source has such a sound system, it would be interesting to see what the volume levels show with the Tablo source selected and then what the changed levels are when the sound level is reduced for a different source.

It would be interesting if the difference in db was as much as 10 db or something smaller.

seems to me that if the double the sound output, it would be closer between the two devises.

For me I have to turn my receiver to 50 just to hear the the shows. When I switch to a streaming service, DTVNow currently, I have to turn the receiver down to around 20. To me this is a huge offset when using the Tablo.

My A/V receiver does not display absolute db of volume level, but I need to turn the relative volume from 24 to 21 to maintain an audible balance when switching sources. This is when the A/V receiver is fed with digital audio from the TV.

I would rate my system volume change between Tablo and live TV (the most fair source comparison) to be more in the “just noticeable” range but not a blasting difference.

Since the Tablo audio first comes thru the HDMI cable from the media player, I suspect the various makes of media players could output different volume levels, which could make absolute comparisons difficult.

Comparing the output volume of the Tablo played thru a media player to the audio level of an Internet streaming source on the same player may be an unfair comparison. The audio level of the Tablo should more closely match its recording source, which is live TV.

I would have no problem with a 3db increase in the audio power level of the Tablo. I would not be in favor of a true audio level double which should be in the 6-10 db power increase, based upon some Internet references.

I agree with this as the audio format the Tablo records is 2.0 AAC, which is decoded directly by the playback device (not the HDTV or AVR).

I have had the same issue with my Roku 3 and Tablo. I thought it was a Roku thing so I bought an NVidia Shield. The Tablo app ran at an extremely low volume on that device as well.

FIX (sort of )

The rather complicated fix I came up with was to install KODI on the device and then install the Tablo app for Kodi
Install from repository (v15/v16) / Get add-ons (v14)
Kodi add-on repository.
Video Add-ons.

I then had to adjust the volume settings in Kodi to amplify. It’s a bit of a pain to remember to open Kodi then open Tablo, but it works. Some of my other applications run much better outside of Kodi.