Volume Extremely Low on new Amazon Fire TV Model any suggestions (old thread)


I have an Akaso T95Z Kodi box and Tablo runs much smoother and brighter on it than on my Roku. I run a variant of Kodi especially built for Android - SPMC which uses hardware video acceleration via the Amlogic S912 (CPU) \ Mali-T820MP3 (GPU). Very good performance. Because of this, a fast moving sport like NHL hockey looks much better on my Kodi box.


Double it then. That would fix it.


Go into your Firestick settings and turn off your Dolby Digital output. Some HDMI’s on non-smart TV’s don’t like it. Problem should be done.


No Auto Volume mode, or any other such settings on the Toshiba Fire Edition TV.


The source of the problem might be (somewhere) in your setup. I have a new Toshiba Fire Edition TV, I’ve experienced no volume problems with Tablo or with anything else.

The fact that you’re also having weak audio on your Samsung TV as well (if I’m reading this correctly), is telling you the source of the problem is elsewhere … and if you’re having to turn your Soundbar up to maximum level, there is REALLY something wrong and it’s a fundamental problem.

This is obviously not a Tablo problem, not an Amazon TV problem and not a Samsung TV problem. It’s something else. Are you having volume problems when watching Hulu, Vudu, or Antenna channels?


Me too, on both Apple and Fire TV.


Switch to surround sound and the audio is untouched.

The conversion from 5.1 to 2.0 AAC audio lowers the volume slightly.


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I’ve done this four or five times. When I see an “unread” thread in bold, I sometimes click & go, without checking the date. Last week, for example I responded to one in “August”, only later to realize it was August 2017. Thanks for the heads up.


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