vizioTV does not work with Tablo

I just purchased my Tablio quad. I have a VIZIO smart tv, and according to the lady with tech support there is not a patch for WiFi connection. This means I have to run an ethernet cable under the house or across the ceiling or buy complicated addons. VIZIO is a well known brand, so there is no excuse for this problem. You need to inform your sales reps of this problem or fix it ASAP

What are you talking about?

The Tablo can connect via either Ethernet or WiFi to your router.

If your Vizio TV can’t connect via WiFi to your router, that’s not Tablo’s problem. This is Vizio’s and / or your problem.

Below is a link to how to connect your Tablo to your router via a WiFi connection. It is a very detailed walk through of the steps of how to do it, with many different apps that can be used.

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Vizio is not on the list of supported TVs (, which means you need a streamer box to use Tablo with that TV. What streamer box are you using?

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I do not plan to steam movies. I am old as dirt from the black and white 3 channel days All I wanted to do is eliminate cable and save a few programs to watch later. I am not tech savvy and plug and play is the name of my game. I am just trying if is with it to get my fat butt under the house and run an ethernet cable

Another question. I don’t game, and I don’t need high speed internet. DSL at 3.2 is fine for me. Is this a problem?

Tablo is a network appliance and requires an app to play its streams. Therefore on a monitor, you’d need a streaming device like a Roku (and the Tablo App on the Roku).

Tablo is not an HDMI output ATSC tuning device. It’s a network streaming source and requires something “smart” that runs an app to communicate with it.

With that said, for those with “smart” TVs (not your case), I find that most Smart TV OS’s aren’t that great and prefer to use a Roku anyway (obviously the Roku TV could be an option for some).

The Tablo doesn’t require a high speed Internet connection as it records OTA. However, you can setup your Tablo for remote viewing on a paired device (device has to be paired on the local LAN with the Tablo first, then it can go remote). In that case (if you want to use your Tablo remotely), I believe you need at least 1mbit uplink (maybe a bit lower is ok, can’t remember).

Well the sales people at Best Buy don’t know that, and your documentation is sadly lacking… My TV is classified as a smart TV… Everything works fine with a standard HDTV antenna, I just wanted to record something else while I watched another thing. Oh well, return here I come./

Tablo records on its own. It operates on its own. Can be set to record via whatever device capable of connecting to it. Which could be your browser, streaming app on phone, etc…

Since it doesn’t directly connect to an input source of your TV, it requires something that does. Can’t say what Vizio is using now, I know at one time they used Chromecast (??). I’ve never used Chromecast with the Tablo, have no idea how well that works. I thought maybe your set was more like a monitor… my mistake there.

My preference is Roku just because it works so well with so many different things. YMMV.

While you can what channels live with the Tablo, many use the antenna connection on their TV’s for fast channel surfing (noticeable delay changing channels with the Tablo, though it has greatly improved over the years) and rely on the Tablo just for recording (except for remote Live TV, which I personally find a great feature of the Tablo).

Tablo documentation needs to be better IMHO. Too much emphasis on a “3 second” document… Tablo deserves more treatment than that. Web site documentation is too scattered. FAQ doesn’t seem to truly focus on “Frequently”. Or at least, most important questions.

I guess I am curious why you need to run an ethernet cable? For the Tablo? Not necessary. For your TV? I guess that could be true. My old LG TV has the same problem, it is a SmarTV without wifi, so it needs someway to connect to the internet. LG sold a dongle for wifi (back in the day… old TV) I purchased that dongle for 20 bucks and saved me from running cable. If Vizio doesn’t sell a dongle for their set, then a cheap Roku box would serve just as well, assuming your set has an HDMI port available. The Roku would support the Tablo over the wifi and offer lots of extras (I like Pluto TV, it is free and runs on the Roku box).

I was told bt tech support that wi-fi was not an option so I would need ethernet cable. I don’t understand all this stuff and am too old to learn so I have to get others to guide me on anything mopre complicated. I will hit best buy and find the area manager to go over thingsto see if is worth it. FYI, in my attic I have the first IBM laptop. It has a 40 kb hard drive, and bill Gates said that’s all you need. Windows was a dream. I am old as dirt, and the only computer class offered to business majors was a new computer language called… wait for it… COBOL

Which tech support told you this? Tablo tech support? Or someone at Best Buy?

You can buy a Roku or Fire TV. Connect it to your TV via a HDMI cable. Then connect the Roku or Fire TV to your router via WiFi and then stream the Tablo to your TV. No need to run an Ethernet cable.

Read the very informative and helpful guides in the link below on how the Tablo actually works (not what the Best Buy person told you), and how to set it up.


‘Old as dirt’ huh, welcome to the club. This roundabout way of getting Tablo video from the Tablo to the TV set confused me too.

It appears that your Vizio does not have a Tablo App on it so “It is not supported” by Vizio. BUT you can just use a streaming device like a FireTV stick. ($20 to $30)

  1. You connect your antenna cable to the Tablo. Your Tablo can then receive TV channel programming and can record it when asked. (You will control the Tablo via the FireTV remote control.)
  2. You connect your Tablo to your router with an ethernet cable or Wifi.
  3. You use ethernet cable or Wifi to connect your router to that FireTV stick mentioned above. The streaming device is usually mounted close to your TV set so that the FireTV stick can be easily connected to an HDMI connector on your TV set.
  4. Your Tablo, and FireTV stick will always be powered on.

Now power up your TV set and select the HDMI input which is connected to your FireTV stick.

You should see a screen filled with icons. (Thumbnail images) Use the FireTV remote control arrows to move around that page to search for the “Tablo” icon for the App. Clicking on that icon should start the sequence for installing the app. This app is what is missing on your Vizio. It will be used to display the LiveTV guide and allow you to communicate with your Tablo via ethernet cable or Wifi.


If you have a smartphone (apple or Android) you can download the Tablo app from the store and then connect to you Tablo over wireless. Bring up a channel or recording on your phone, than cast to your Vizio (which supports ChromeCast). I just tried it and it works fine. (but you will need a smartphone)!

It sounds like his or her Vizio TV is not connected to the Internet. They claim the TV can only be connected to their internet via Ethernet, not a WiFi.

All Vizio TV support Ethernet and wireless but if he doesn’t have an internet connection then he will not be able to access any of the apps on the TV… Game over!

Well read the OP’s first post, it says they can’t connect their TV via WiFi to the internet.

It would be nice to know the model of the Vizio TV. Then we could say with certainty what it can or cannot support. ( Also not sure which tech support he talked to … Tablo or Vizio )

Or Best Buy.

That’s the way I read it too… so a Roku is probably the easiest cheapest way to go… a Fire Stick would work too.

I checked online with the Vizio website - all series of Vizio HDTVs (smart tvs) support wireless access. No idea why classicrock2 thinks it doesn’t support this!

I just went back over all the posts and classicrock2 never mentions that he has a wireless router! He mentions DSL …not even sure what type of termination equipment his provider gave him. (might be just an ethernet switch?)