View Recording From Beginning While Recording? 4th Gen

4th Gen Tablo, Is it possible to watch a currently recording show from the beginning while the show is being recorded?

Example: the game starts at 6pm and i want to start watching the currently recording game at 6:30pm but start viewing from the beginning.

When i click the current recording it only brings me to live tv. I am assuming I am doing something wrong as this should be a basic dvr function.


This applies to all Tablos. Just go to recordings and select the show/episode that you are currently recording. Click on play, and it will start at the beginning.

I hope that helps!

This still only brings me to the live position. I cannot rewind or play from the beginning of the current recording.

I can only post one image at a time. This is where I went to the recordings. For the previous post.

I forgot to mention that I’m using the new 4th gen. Post has been updated.

Your suggestion still won’t work for me.

It looks like it depends on the app. On the Roku, it works correctly. On my Android phone, it just starts at whatever is currently live, which is wrong, since you can’t rewind to the beginning of the recording until the recording stops.

Well this sucks, all programming in the house is consumed on handheld devices, rarely on a TV. If this function doesn’t work then it’s a deal breaker for my house… i used hdhomerun devices in the past and had high hopes for this.

I thought maybe the transcoding without an external hard drive had something to do with it. But even with a hard drive plugged in there’s no settings to prevent this transcoding. So I guess this isn’t the issue.

Maybe before my return window closes they will update the Android app.

This is a bug, so it should get fixed at some point.

Ok, maybe it is just a limitation based on what TonyRl posted.

Previous official response regarding this issue on mobile devices:

So a $20 streaming Stick is more powerful than my $1,200 newest generation phone that can stream MPEG2?

When you say “many mobile devices do not support streaming of MPEG2”? So you’re saying some mobile devices can support MPEG2 streaming, but this option is disabled for all mobile devices regardless?

I was always able to do this with silicon dust tuners, and no issues with all types of files in Plex without the server transcoding.

Would it be possible to use a 3rd party media player to do the MPEG 2 decoding like VLC or MX?

Well, an Android TV can do it, but not all Android phones. Sounds like they need add a test to confirm if a phone can support it rather than uniformly disabling it.

Hopefully they will include this option in the next release. Since there’s no windows application I also run the APK within Windows, and it also cannot rewind a currently recording show.

Even with the limited functionality of the app I’ve been pretty pleased with it. But if I can’t rewind a currently recording program I’ll have to return it and wait for an update.

I also cannot view a currently recording show from the beginning on both Android and iOS mobile devices from the Tablo v4, but can view them on an old and new Amazon Fire Cube’s, a really old Roku ultra, and a Google TV.

On my old (soon to be no longer supported) Amazon Recast DVR, I can view currently recording shows on all platforms including mobile, and Amazon’s mobile app is a very limited dismal app compared to the quality of the Tablo mobile app, but at least it can do this.

@TabloSupport , are the issues with mobile devices unfixable, or is this a bug that can be fixed in a near future release?

I have been googling this issue and expected some sort of old thread, but was surprised this was happening contemporaneously to others. I have experienced the same frustrating issue on the Android app with going to the recording immediately skipping to the live version instead of the beginning and having no ability to rewind. I downloaded the iOS app on iPad and had the same experience.

After reading the advice here, I tried it on my Roku TV and confirmed that the episode starts at the beginning in that case. My general experience while using the Roku app was that it is miles better than the Android/iOS versions in general.

That is really unfortunate, but the biggest criticism that I had read about the Tablo was that the apps had issues. I’ll be able to get by with starting late on things that are on my TV.

In order to support mobile playback of MPEG2 we’ve had to use different player software than the one built-in to Android and iOS devices.

This player software is the only option that supports MPEG2.

The downside is that it also does not support seeking to any timestamp in a file that is not yet completed. In effect, in-progress recordings are viewed by this player as a ‘live stream’ since it doesn’t have a set start and end.

So it’s not a ‘bug’ just a limitation.


Thanks for the clarification. Hopefully that helps others out.

The limitation is that in 2023 OTA ATSC 1.0 is still using a standard first released in the mid-1990’s. And that mobile device makers want to move on.

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I have installed Tablo on my old Chromecast Google TV (running android TV) and the playback of a currently recording show works from the beginning. I find it odd that an older Google TV dongle running Android TV works but a phone running Android doesn’t work.