Can watch a show while recording from the beginning

Just got this installed was recording the jets game but when I went into library it says coming soon I click on the recording it starts at the current time in the middle of the game and not the beginning I need it start in the beginning while recording

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I believe the recording will say “coming soon” (or “scheduled”) until it’s completed. If you want to watch it while it’s still recording, it will start at the current time and all you have to do is rewind it to the beginning

It wouldn’t let me rewind total deal breaker for me it’s being returned today so frustrating

I understand your frustration and It can be tricky, but don’t scroll down to the “play”,or “pause” button at first. If you stay on the timeline and then rewind (or hold down the back arrow button on your remote) before hitting enter (or selecting “play”) it should work. I just double-checked while creating a new live recording. If this doesn’t work for you I totally understand why you would want to return it.

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@Hoobash - Are we correct to assume you were trying to watch on a mobile device?

If so, that is because many mobile devices don’t support playback of MPEG2 video so we’re a bit limited in what controls we’re able to offer on that platform.

You should be able to select an in-progress recording from the library on streaming devices or smart TVs and enjoy it from the start.


I’ve been using this feature without issue using a Roku. I just setup a test recording for 9am this morning so I could remember how I do it. Go into “Library” then “Scheduled” and look for your show that is in progress. It will have the “progress” bar under the image showing how far along it is. Just select it and it will give you a bunch of choices. Select “Watch Live”. It will start from the beginning if this is the first time you watched it. It will start where ever you left it earlier but allow you to rewind to the beginning if you want to start over.

@SophieCat - Hi, just to clarify, are you seeing shows start from the beginning when you select “Watch Live”? In that circumstance, the show should play from its current live position, rather than the start.

If you want to watch from the beginning, you will need to select the airing from the Latest section in the Library, or select the show from All Recordings (or its respective category below that) and then the airing. You would then select “Watch Episode”.

I think that has always been my experience. Maybe not. I will do another test at 9:30.

I’m starting to think I was going into “Latest” in the past when watching live shows in the process of being recorded. This morning I went into my first test recording only 3 minutes into the show and nothing was showing in “Latest” yet. So I went down to Scheduled and found it there. I thought it started from the beginning but maybe being only 3 minutes in threw me off. My second test I went in to view it 15 minutes in and it was in “Latest” and from there I selected it and it started from the beginning.

I’ll play with this a little but later today. Gotta get some more leaf raking done now.

I’m having the same problem. It does not let me rewind to the beginning. Isn’t one of the big selling points of a DVR that you don’t have to start right at the beginning. Start watching 30 minutes or so in, and skip over commercials.

I too cannot. Using Tablo app on Roku TV.

This thing is making me nuts you basically need to wait to the end of the game to watch it will start the recording but the fast forward feature is useless it doesn’t show me where I am when fast forwarding and then it just stops reloads to 99% and nothing I want to smash this thing its so frustrating and flawed also the sound sometimes is out of sync

I am now watching on a roku

Yes, that is correct. Mobile devices often have limited processing power and storage capacity, which can make it challenging to play back high-quality video formats like MPEG-2. As a result, many mobile streaming platforms do not support MPEG-2 playback.

On streaming devices or smart TVs, you should be able to select an in-progress recording from the library and start watching from the beginning. This is because these devices typically have more powerful hardware and better network connectivity, making them better suited for handling the demands of MPEG-2 playback.

If you are unable to watch an MPEG-2 video on your mobile device, you may be able to convert it to a more compatible format, such as MP4 or H.264. This can be done using a video conversion tool.

Actually, MPEG2 is SIMPLER to decode because it’s an older standard. Some older devices don’t support MPEG4 because they didn’t have the power. Comcast had to replace cable boxes when they moved HD from MPEG2 to MPEG4. I also had a TV that could not display the picture on the one OTA channel that was using MPEG4.

It can be a licensing thing. Browsers support MPEG4, don’t support MPEG2, so when it comes to licensing, many devices won’t license for MPEG2.

But, you are also right in that depending on what the “device was”, if it’s focus was/is ATSC, for example, then when broadcasting stations move (for example) from MPEG2 to MPEG4 (both are supported under ATSC 1.0), end devices may not be able to deal with that (talking about many existing DVRs, including Tablo OG). There it’s often a limitation of the SoC being used.

I ordered a hdhomerun I have little confidence that it’s going to be any better at this point I don’t think there’s a good solution for recording tv with a antenna maybe I just give up on the jets they are just as disappointing

I tried a Roku 4K streaming stick I was using a Roku express it works much better with the streaming stick I still get a lost connection error sometimes maybe my router is the issue my tablo is connected with a cable

Ok, I am a new user, and have this problem. It has made the Tablo all but useless for me. So, is there a trick I need to do to get this to work? I also have a problem that you cannot pause and rewind live tv. This is on a Roku AND a FireTV!

Is this happening on OTA as well as FAST?

Both of these devices should allow you to pause and rewind live TV – although I’ve had a time or two where the Roku needed live play for 30 or so seconds before I could pause.

Do you have an external hard drive attached?

Have you tried pressing the button on the bottom of the Tablo quickly one toime to reboot it and had similar results?