View channel guide without exiting program

Can the channel guide be displayed without navigating away from live program? A search found a six-year-old discussion on this topic, but no resolution.

I am using AppleTV device connected to an older HD (not “smart”) TV. To access the channel guide, it seems I must press “menu” button twice (on AppleTV remote), losing the live TV that was playing. Then either reconnect to the same channel to resume, or choose another.

DirecTV continues current program on picture-in-picture; Spectrum TV displays a split screen. Is a similar interface available for Tablo?

Thank you! I set up my Tablo Dual today, and am trying to recreate the DirecTV experience as closely as possible. So far, quite happy with how it’s working.

Check out this thread:

If you’re going to compare …tablo with other device have this option. I’ve post how to click the arrow in the web app to view the guide while playing continues.

Using PIP in Firefox works, as previously discussed. Ok, it doesn’t work with Apple TV - how it works with other vendors – it may work differently with different device …to be fair.

Per earlier post, it appears a “swipe down” on AppleTV touch pad will show an overlaid “mini channel grid” display. I will give it try when I get home tonight. I tried swipe left and swipe right this morning, but not swipe down.



On Apple TV you always “swipe down” for extra features, like Info, CC, audio etc. On Tablo the mini guide happens to be there too.