Video freezes when time shifting an incomplete recording

I have a new Tablo OTA DVR (2023) set up to play through a chromecast (HD with remote). When I watch a show that is not a completed recording, it works fine watching live. But when I try to timeshift (rewinding to play content earlier in the show) after 10-20 seconds video playback freezes while audio continues.

I see this on low def broadcasts (480) and high def (1080). I have updated the firmware to the latest. I am not using an external drive yet, but the internal 128GB is nowhere near capacity. Live shows play without buffering so it does not seem to be a buffering issue.

It seems like the unit is incapable of recording at one point in time while serving playback at another. For me there is little to be gained in having a DVR if I ca


Noticed no reply here, I’m having the same problem. As one of my primary use cases is watching incomplete NFL games so I can skip through the commercials, it’s a big problem. Maybe they’re too busy promoting the new products to worry about it…


And my issue is on Apple TV, so not just a Chromecast problem

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Same Problem on Chromecast (Google TV). Upon rewinding live TV, the video freezes approximately 15 seconds into playback while the audio continues playing normally. “Going live” is the only way to unfreeze the video. The problem is independent of channel or program, and does not occur when playing previously paused or recorded video. It happens consistently on my Google TV and Android smartphone. I purchased two identical Tablo devices for the holiday season, both of which exhibit the same defect. They’re connected via ethernet to a gigabit Internet connection, so bandwidth is obviously not the issue. I consider rewinding live TV a key feature of this product, and I cannot justify it’s continued use without this functionality. I’m shocked Tablo support hasn’t resolved or even responded to this problem since it was originally reported last October. It’s almost certainly a software issue that can easily be reproduced and fixed with a firmware update.


Also experiencing this issue with Chromecast and Google TV. I have the same use case as you, trying to record NFL games and start watching while the game is still going on. Also have a gigabit connection to the Tablo. I can timeshift if I go live and pause for about 2 minutes 20 seconds, but that’s as far back without the video stopping after 20 seconds. Weird bug.


Does the Tablo support gigabit ethernet? Mine is connected to a gigabit router but only shows 100Mb connection speed.

Almost 6 months later and I have the exact same problem. Support acts like this is the first time they have ever heard of this problem.

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Directly from the product page on Tablo’s website:

  • 100 Mbps Ethernet
  • 802.11ac dual band WiFi with MIMO